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Marine theme week

Västerhavsveckan 2024 – West Coast Week

During the West Coast Week, August 3-11, about 100 actors offer exciting, fun, and interesting activities for those who want to learn more about the sea, understand how humans and the sea influence each other, or just discover how amazing the sea is.

Meet researchers, experiment, hike in coastal reserves, kayak, visit a lighthouse, listen to interesting lectures. Taste the new food from the sea or something else from our great program. There is something for everyone, and most of it is free of charge.

Suggestions around Gothenburg

Frihamnen is visited by Västerhavsveckan

Askimsbadet is visited by Västerhavsveckan

Donsö is visited by Västerhavsveckan

Rönnäng is visited by Västerhavsveckan

Marstrand and Västerhavsveckan

Furthermore, here on the West Coast Week website, you can see all activities in Gothenburg municipality. Search the programme for what’s happening in your municipality.

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