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Gothenburg's maritime adventure museum

Maritiman welcomes you onboard!

Sign on at the vessels and join a fun and educational journey through a bygone era. It will be an exciting adventure at sea – guaranteed without scurvy and seasickness!

On historic waters in the heart of Gothenburg, all our ships are moored, ready to be discovered by both land crabs and sailors!

At Gothenburg’s maritime adventure museum, you can learn a lot about life at sea in a playful and exciting way, without even leaving the quay. Do you dare to climb into the submarine Nordkaparen, where the periscope is the only contact with daylight and the outside world? Or maybe you prefer the airy expansive view from the jetty on the destroyer Småland?

At Maritiman, all activities on the daily programme are included in the entrance ticket, and whether you choose to join a guided tour, experiment in Tim’s Ocean lab, visit an exhibition or participate in a fun children’s activity, it will be an exciting adventure at sea.

Sea air gives you an appetite, as everyone knows. Explorers both young and old can fill up on some tasty fare aboard Matrosen. Here you will find simple dishes, scrumptious cakes, refreshing ice cream and other good things – all in a setting that exudes steampunk style, ships, rivets and metal. Here is also a small shop, where you can find the perfect sailor memento to take home.

More information about daily activities, ongoing exhibitions, opening hours and entrance fees can be found on the website. Tickets can be purchased either online in the web shop or directly on site before your visit.

Welcome aboard Maritiman!

Credits: Maritiman

Credits: Maritiman

Credits: Maritiman

Credits: Maritiman