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Culture festival

West Pride 2024

Each year the West Pride festival is held in Gothenburg. An art and culture festival that creates safe spaces for LGBTQI people and emphasizes norm-criticism and LGBTQI person’s lives.

The festival is free for visitors and is primarily aimed at LGBTQI people in Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region, but also at a wider public nationally and internationally.

Festival programme

West Pride presents a packed programme with over 250 events for this year’s festival, starting with Pre Pride on May 13 through to June 9.

The colourful festival week then takes place from June 10–16. Festival programme.

Pride Parade

The Pride Parade is West Pride’s biggest and most well-attended event, and you are invited. At 12:00 on the June 15, everyone will gather at Gustaf Adolfs Torg at 13:00, then marching together to Kungstorget and Pride Park, where Pride Park will follow with a huge public celebration.


The aim is to make a diversity of expressions visible by coordinating and arranging art and culture. West Pride creates meeting places and arenas through conversation, reflection and education to achieve in-depth knowledge, attitude change and societal impact. They want to encourage an open societal climate and counteract prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression. Through their events and partners, they are a catalyst for positive change locally and globally.


The vision is an equal world free from prejudice and discrimination.