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Light walk

Winter Lights at Gunnebo

A unique light walk in the fairytale experience Winter Lights at Gunnebo.

About Winter Lights

When the days are at the shortest, Winter Lights illuminates the darkness. Enjoy an unforgettable evening out with over a dozen spectacular light installations during a walk encountered with food stalls and Christmas presents vendors!

Winter Lights is arranged by the British production company Temple Live Entertainment who has selected Gunnebo House and Gardens and Skansen in Stockholm as the first installation sites of this kind in Scandinavia. The walk is completely tailor-made for Gunnebo and the composition of installations is designed to suit all ages.

Led light technology

Winter Lights is designed and produced with a high level of sustainability, including the use of LED light technology and biofuel generators. Careful consideration has also been given to the natural and animal life in the landscape. The light walk can be experienced completely separately or combined with a visit to Gunnebo Christmas market, a cozy Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner at Gunnebo Kaffehus och Krog. Tickets are pre-booked online.

Winter Lights at Gunnebo

Gunnebo manor house lit up Credits: Temple Live Entertainment

Winter Lights at Gunnebo

Two people looking at light installations outdoors Credits: Temple Live Entertainment