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World of Handball

World of Handball – Partille Cup 2023

The largest handball tournament in the world is held in Gothenburg.

Partille Cup is the largest international handball event in the world and one of the top-events of all kinds of youth sports. Annually there are 20.000 participants from 50 countries divided into 1.100 teams.

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will once again take place in Scandinavium. With pyrotechnics, sound and lighting effects. in addition to music and entertainment, you will enjoy the sea of participants’ hands as they swing in tandem with the marching national teams in “The Parade of nations”. Pre-book your tickets.

World of Handball

Partille Cup is about experiences and encounters with foreign cultures, the Opening Festival is an important statement. The event is international in its nature and diversity is an important part of the event’s soul. Combined with global interests such as song and music, curiosity becomes greater and barriers less. The meeting between players often results in good relationships and not infrequently to lifelong friendships.

Venues and admission

The matches which are played during the week including the finals are for free. You can watch them at Heden Arena, Valhalla IP and Kviberg. It’s only the Opening Ceremony at Scandinavium that needs to be pre-booked. Information about the ticket release will be published on the website.

Heden Center

In the heart of the tournament, right next to the largest playing field area Heden is Heden Center, a great venue where the players can meet old and new friends. In a natural way they will meet friends off the fields and spend time with both participants, leaders and audience.


The finals day are the obvious conclusion of a week filled with great handball, lots of people, nerves and emotions. For a few, the dream comes true and they can raise the trophy in front of the many spectators. The finals at Heden Arena are free of charge.


The registration for Partille Cup 2023 is open.

Credits: Partille Cup

Credits: Rebecka Carrasco

Credits: Partille Cup

Credits: Partille Cup

Credits: Partille Cup

Credits: Partille Cup

Opening Ceremony Credits: Partille Cup