The Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Exhibition Młoda Polska (Young Poland) premiered in late 2018 and ends March 17 at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. Symbolist landscapes, in-depth psychological portraits, and mythological scenes tell the story of a people without a nation, but with a rich culture and a complex history.

Tori Wrånes exhibition is her first Swedish solo exhibition, it premieres March 2, and it’s an exhibition where visitors will experience hybrid forms and mutations, yoiking trolls, doughy treadmills and hanging bean bags that have collided with abstract paintings. You won't want to miss it!

Hasselblad Center

The Hasselblad Center is a must visit for lovers of photography. This spring you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition Encounters – Nordic photography beyond borders, where five Nordic contemporary artists tackle topical subjects such as south-north migration, changing land- and cityscapes and local effects on economic globalisation. The exhibition premieres on February 23 and ends May 5. 

A little further down the road, as we near summer, the Hasselblad Center celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with the exhibition Moonlight – 50 years of Photographing the Moon. Human’s first steps on the moon were captured using Hasselblad cameras, cameras that were used throughout the 1969-1972 Apollo-missions. 

Röhsska Re-opens

On February 23 the Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft re-opens, it’s the only museum in Sweden dedicated solely to design and craft. Visitors can expect three new temporary exhibitions as well as one new permanent exhibition, featuring democratic design, fantastic East-Asian design, design inspired by Iceland, and a lot more.   

Röda Sten Art Centre

Röda Sten Art Centre is located beautifully by the bridge Älvsborgsbron, and this spring promises to be exciting with two exhibitions premiering on February 9. Can You Hear Me? By Ditte Eljerskov is a series of paintings, an audiopiece, and a video work, that portray the artist’s self-critical reflections about white privilege, and the conflict in being critical of this position and gaze, yet living within it.

A Soul Transplant by Vivian Caccuri is a sound and light installation produced by the artist during a residency at the Acusticum in Piteå, exploring a mythical story about the genetic interdependency between humans and mosquitos.

The Musem of Gothenburg

The Exhibition Work, live, life – Images of a society premiered in November 2018, and ends in November this year. It’s iconic images of inhabitants in Hammarkullen district and workers at the Volvofabriken in Torslanda meet contemporary portraits by Annika von Hausswolff. A study of self-images and cityscapes from the seventies until today.

On May 4, a new exhibition titled Gothenburg’s Wardrobe opens, a look at the cultural history of Gothenburg through clothes and fashion. 

The Museum of World Culture 

Human Nature grapples with the question of sustainability, consumption and the future of our planet. It must be easy to do the right thing, and the advantages of sustainable consumption must be clearly expressed. This is the basis of the exhibition. 

Göteborg Natural History Museum

The Face of God is an exhibition about finding order in chaos where the line between facts and fiction is blurred. Enter the world of fictive Czech entomologist Milka Havel through a series of works and reconstructed artefacts and images.