Amélie (2001)

Paris! Amour! Vive la France! First of all, check into the design hotel Pigalle, praised by Vogue magazine, put on your favourite beret and start the festival with a glass of chilled champagne in the hotel bar. Hungry between the films? Head for recently opened cheese shop Le Comptoir on the main boulevard Avenyn. Here, you’ll find a French cheese and dito wine for every taste. For dinner, go around the corner to French fish restaurant Isabelle, or enjoy the bohemian spirit at Hagabions café in the Linné neighbourhood. Sweet-toothed? Sylvain Marron, on the same street, has a wide selection of luxurious chocholates and fluffy pastries. The red dress, and other Amélie attributes, can be found in one of the city’s many second hand and vintage shops. Finally, why not start the day with waiting in line at the French bakery Boulangerie Ducoin on Koopmansgatan in Majorna? Nothing says France like a freshly baked baguette under your arm!

The Lion King (1994)

This Disney classic has a place in many of our hearts, and has since its release been turned into both a musical and (soon) a CGI remake. But where in Gothenburg can you find the proper hakuna matata pulse, chase hyenas and gaze across the savannah? Your first stop is of course the tropical rainforest at Universeum, where you take a nap among butterflies, birds, green jungle plants and colourful snakes. Because … in the jungle, the mighty jungle, is where the lion sleeps, right? Perhaps not quite as impressive as Pride Rock, but Ramberget on the island of Hisingen still offers a truly amazing view of the city and the river. Also, make sure to check out Gothenburg’s own lion king, the fortification Skansen Lejonet on Gullberget from 1689, as well as the two lions at the stairs Lejontrappan in the city centre. Hungry? Then we suggest a meal at Ethiopian restaurants Simba (does the name sound familiar?) or Al Habesha. A proper dose of hakuna matata can also be found at newly opened club and restaurant Mahiki, a tropical colour splash, compeletely unaffected by the winter cold outside.

Titanic (1997)

The sea and boats, oh sorry, s-h-i-p-s are right up your alley, and what could be a better place to spend a few nights than the four-masted steel barque Viking, right in the city centre? Listen to the sound of the waves outside your window and then climb the fore to enjoy an iconic king-of-the-world moment! A few steps away you’ll find the Maritime Museum, a floating experience where you can enter a submarine, board a cargo ship, experiment in the ocean lab, and much more. Sticking to the marine theme for lunch and dinner is easy at places like Restaurang Gabriel, Sjöbaren and Fiskekrogen. But back to the film: you know the scene where Rose shows Jack her art collection? Re-experience it at the Gothenburg Museum of Art where you can admire some of Monets, Degas and Picassos famous works – and note that Rose’s fiancé was wrong about their significance. Want to do some shopping? In the Emma & Malena shop on Vallgatan, you can indulge in clothes and jewelry inspired by the ocean – jellyfish patterns, mackerels, sea horses and anchors in a variety of materials. Not quite as dizzying as the depths of the ocean, but with a far more comfortable temperature, is a swim in Upper House's frequently Instagrammed pool on the 19th floor.

The Godfather (1972)

We’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. It starts with a room at Bellora, the hotel on the main boulevard Avenyn where food, drinks, decorations and events are inspired by a decisive la dolce vita. In the rather unlikely event that you’d grow tired of the hotel restaurant, we listed the city’s best Italian restaurants in this guide, covering everything from pizza and pasta to melanzane alla parmigiana, polpette and tiramisù. Coffee is as important on Sicily as it is here in Sweden, only in smaller cups, so make sure to recharge with some bean-based energy every now and then. The authentic Italian café atmosphere, with tar strong espresso, loads of sugar and bright football scarves on the walls, can be found at places like Bar Italia on Prinsgatan and Bar Centro on Kyrkogatan. Looking for a more Corleonesque look, with a suit, hat and bow tie? Then the staff at NK, Ströms or Holmens herr will be happy to help. Or perhaps you prefer a plunge into the local crime and mafia history? Join one of Crime Walks popular city walks, like Fights, prisoners and dismemberments – the dark side of 19th century Haga.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

A magic sword, female heroes who float effortlessly across the rooftops and bamboo forests, ancient martial arts and a society ruled by strong traditions. Is this your cup of (Chinese) tea? Then we suggest that you start your Gothenburg stay with a trip to the Botanical Garden, or more precisely the Bamboo grove, where you can go for a walk among Chinese mountain bamboo, fountain bamboo, Pingwu bamboo and around ten other varieties. But please, stay on the ground, ok? Even more of this fast-growing grass can be found at Björk & Bambu on Vegagatan, where Nordic flavours are mixed with Asian techniques since 2013. Looking for something more purely Chinese to eat? Gothenburg has a lot to offer, for instance Hing Wa in the neighbourhood Gamlestaden, where the local Chinese population is said to pilgrimage, trendy Made in China on Tredje Långgatan and Dubbel Dubbel, who've established a minor dim sum empire with their popular restaurants on Kastellgatan, Esperantoplatsen and Polhemsplatsen. At the Museum of Gothenburg, you can check out tea, silk and porcelain shipped here by the East Indian Company, and from there Saigon Food, where you’ll find a massive amount of Asian food and decorations, is not far away. Ni hao!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley, or one of the five (!) Miss Bennets? No matter which of Jane Austen’s characters you want to re-enact, we know just the place to go. Yes, we’re talking of Gunnebo House and Gardens, of course! They stay open all year round, and regularly arrange guided tours in what was once the wealthy merchant John Hall’s summer residence. Stroll through the English parks, or the main building’s magnificient rooms, and let your mind wander to a time of courting rituals, minuet dances and billowing pastel-coloured dresses. Want to linger in Jane Austen land for a while? Then afternoon tea, with freshly baked scones, fruity marmelades and steaming hot tea, is an excellent idea. Try Dorsia’s luxury version where the different dishes are served at the table, or Evas Paley’s affordable and generous Wednesday buffet. End your day with a walk in the glittering Palm House from 1878, located in the Garden Society, and modelled on London’s Crystal Palace. Or why not invite your friends to an indoor picnic, with carefully selected delicacies from the nearby Market Hall?