Start the day with breakfast at the traditional Brogyllen patisserie by the canal at Västra Hamngatan 2. From the elegant premises you have fine views over the water towards the East India House (Ostindiska huset) on the other side of the canal. If you have a sweet tooth you should really try a Sara Bernhardt pastry or a slice of princess tart.

From Brogyllen it is just a minute’s walk to The old Antique Halls (Antikhallarna) at Västra Hamngatan 6. In addition to shopping for antique bargains here you can also find Swedish specialities such as crispbread from GunneboHouse, elderberry juice from Herrljunga and apple juice from Kivik in the café.

Continue walking towards Kungstorget. This is the location of the fantastic Market Hall (Saluhallen). The market sells everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, cheese, fish, bread, flowers and biscuits. Enjoy the aromas and don’t be afraid of asking for a taster. This is a great opportunity to buy some of Flickorna Kanold’s divine chocolate pralines, try a refreshing juice made with Swedish favourites such as lingonberries and raspberries at På Kanelen, or a herring sandwich at Kåges Hörna.

Move on past the square Grönsakstorget, cross the canal over the bridge Rosenlundsbron and head towards Haga Nygata. This wonderfully picturesque street has a great choice of delightful cafés. Bräutigams charming shop at Haga Nygata 13 sells handmade chocolate, liquorice, pralines and marzipan.


After all that walking you might like to take a seat in the sun for a while. The sun (almost) always shines on Magasinsgatan. You can also find a choice of modern fast food options here. In Gothenburg, there are also a number of high quality food trucks serving everything from burgers to ceviche. They change locations from day to day but usually one or a couple of them can be found at Magasinsgatan.

From Magasinsgatan, continue to Kronhusbodarna (Postgatan 6–8). This is one of
the best-preserved quarters of Gothenburg and you can shop for Swedish handicrafts, glassware and traditional sweets such as peppermint candies in the old shops around
the eighteenth-century cobbled courtyard. This is a great place to find unique souvenirs
and the perfect gifts to take home with you.

Dubbel Dubbel

After browsing in Kronhusbodarna we recommend heading to the beer bar Ölrepubliken at Kronhusgatan 2B. Take a seat at the bar and order a beer from one of Gothenburg’s micro-breweries, such as Dugges, Ocean or Beerbliotek, while you make your plans for the evening. How about a first-class dinner at one of Gothenburg’s Michelin-starred restaurants, Asian food at Dubbel Dubbel (Surbrunnsgatan 8), French cuisine at Bon (Arkivgatan 4) or Swedish tapas at Hemma Hos in Haga (Haga Nygata 12)?