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The end date for new entries has now passed, winners will be announced here and in our social media feeds before June 30. 

The project Rain Gothenburg wants to make Gothenburg the world’s best city when it rains, based on human needs and nature’s cycle. Using creative design the project aims to create ideas and solutions that handle and make use of rain. Solutions and ideas that make Gothenburg a more sustainable, attractive and fun city.  

Rain Gothenburg is operated by the City of Gothenburg, the Department of sustainable waste and water, and part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary.

We are curious to see how you interpret rain and Gothenburg using photography. That’s why we, Rain Gothenburg, Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and Göteborg & Co, are inviting you to join this photo contest! 

How do you interpret Gothenburg and rain?

Windy, cold and dark, pouring down rain – sounds familiar? “Winter” in Gothenburg isn’t always what makes us smile and relax. Rain Gothenburg wants to make Gothenburg better and more inspiring, even when it rains. Rain has several interesting and unique qualities and features that can be highlighted. 

From a global perspective, the amount of rain that we get in this part of the world is something we should be happy about. Rain is required for life to exist, something that’s worth remembering, and celebrating. 

If you accept that Gothenburg gets a fair amount of rain, why not start thinking about how to be creative? How can you elevate the attributes of rain? What happens in a city when it rains? How does it affect us humans? How does it affect materials?  

In short: How do you interpret Gothenburg and rain? 

How to enter the contest

Enter the contest by tagging your shot with #raingothenburg and put “fototävling” in the caption. Photos will be viewed by a jury consisting of artist duo Cooper & Gorfer, Rain Gothenburg and Göteborg & Co. The jury will select 10 winners, and @raingothenburg will hold a vote for the people’s choice of the 10. 

Winners will be published in our social media feeds, at and at the Tourist Information Centre big screen at Kungsportsplatsen. The contest runs between February 14 and April 14. The people’s choice will receive a printed and framed version of the winning photo. 

Terms and conditions

1. By accepting the terms and conditions you consent to the use of your personal data needed to administer the contest. While publishing the winners of the contest, personal data including name, last name and city of residence may be published on the Göteborg & Co social platforms, Rain Gothenburg social platforms and Personal data including name, last name and city of residence will only be stored in connection to the contest submissions, in order to correctly name the photographer when publishing at a later date. Red our full personal data policy here.

2. By accepting these terms you accept the personal data processing described above.

3. The contest is administered by: Göteborg & Co, Mässans gata 8, Göteborg. Questions? E-mail

4. The contest is open from 2020-02-14 to 2020-04-14. Winners will be notified, at the latest, 2020-06-30.

5. To participate, post a picture on Instagram during the contest period (2020-02-14 to 2020-04-14) where you interpret Gothenburg and rain. You need to use the hashtag #raingothenburg and put “fototävling” in your caption. 

A jury will select 10 of the submitted photographs who they deem interpret Gothenburg and rain in the best and most creative way. @rain_gothenburg will then host a vote to decide the people’s favourite of the 10 submissions. An instagram account is needed to be able to vote. 

Your Instagram account needs to be public in order to participate. Photos submitted must be taken by the contestant. The contestant is responsible for, if necessary, obtaining permission from identifiable individuals in the submitted photograph. The contestant is responsible for making sure that the submission aligns with applicable legislation and does not contain rights belonging to a third party. 

6.The contest prizes are: 

• Jury selection prize: Name and photo published together with the 10 jury selections at @goteborg2021, @goteborgcom and @rain_gothenburg. 

• Jury selection prize: Name and photo published together with the 10 jury selections at 

• Jury selection prize: Name and photo published together with the 10 jury selections at The Gothenburg Visitor Centre at Kungsportsplatsen. 

The people’s choice: The submission with the most votes receives a printed and framed version of the winning photograph (value approximately 250 SEK.)

The photographs will be published when the winners are announced in the media channels mentioned above. 

Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods. 

7. The photo contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

8. The 10 winners are selected by a jury consisting of representatives from Cooper & Gorfer, Göteborg & Co and Rain Gothenburg. The jury’s decision is final and the jury does not have to motivate their decision. The people’s choice winner is the submission with the highest number of votes. 

9. The winner will be contacted through their Instagram account. If the contestant is under 18, the guardians will be contacted. Göteborg & Co will try to get hold of the winner/winners for a maximum of five days. If the winner/winners can not be reached, another winner may be selected. Winners will be published by name, last name and city of residence on the Göteborg & Co social media platforms, Rain Gothenburg social media platforms and 

10. By participating in the contest, you agree to the terms and conditions of the contest. Göteborg & Co reserve the right to disqualify submissions that do not meet the terms and conditions.