In the natural sciences, scientists have succeeded in breaking down living systems into their smallest constituents: genes and molecules. The human body has been split into billions of fragments, giving us unique knowledge of life and man. At the same time it’s just a perception of the complex system constituting the whole. To understand how everything is connected we need to see how the big and small interact.

Here, in the oscillation between microcosm and macrocosm, chaos and order, dissonance and harmony, disintegration and structure, we find the core of this summer’s group show, which presents five artists: Anastasia Ax, Alina Chaiderov, Serina Erfjord, Monika Grzymala and Henrik Håkansson. In various ways the artists pose questions around what happens when something is broken down into particles, or examine what happens when matter, structures and systems disintegrate. In installation, video, painting and sculpture, the artists explore the new realities born from the fragmented universe of disintegration.

Serina Erfjord’s work Among Stars is a poetic and tranquil depiction of the photograph’s smallest elements. Here the image is transformed into small particles of light and silver floating weightlessly around in a black space, like a starry sky.

Anastasia Ax’s work and performance The World As of Yesterday can be regarded as both a creative process and an act of destruction. She uses large bales consisting of thousands of compressed layers of recycled paper. With violent force, Ax breaks up the paper and lets ink flow over the installation. Here she deconstructs the white cube and blackens its walls and symbolic value. The work is a strong and irrevocable comment on our consumer society, and forms an archive of the unwanted.

Monika Grzymala’s work consists of several kilometres of tape. In her works she challenges traditional painting by bursting its frame and creating spatial installations, which remind us of the force of explosions or organic parasites.

Henrik Håkansson’s work The Symptoms of the Universe shows in slow motion a tree exploding into fragments and presented in its physical form in the space. The tree splinters and remnants confront us with a new universe in which the tree’s disintegration allows us to reflect on human beings’ relationship to the various events of life, and the cycle of nature and society.

Alina Chaiderov’s work Untitled (Kid Concrete) is an abstract composition consisting of a grey-painted piece of linoleum and newspaper spreads, with the news overpainted and erased in the same universal grey colour. Some 50 neon yellow tennis balls challenge the symmetrical order through their placement both inside and just outside this framework. Through displacements and movements in sculptural compositions, Chaiderov addresses themes such as matter, memory, time and space.

The exhibition opens on Friday June 7th at 17.00-22.00. There will be an artist talk, performance, and a big summer party with food, drinks ans music in the back yard. 

Göteborgs Konsthall offer guided tours in English of the exhibition on June 15, July 13 and August 17. Free of charge. 

Göteborgs Konsthall has free entrance. 







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