We meet with Frida just in between an exhibitions with her ceramic works and the yearly Art Walk Majorna, where artists in the neighbourhood open up their studios to the public. Frida's studio, located at the street Carnegiegatan in Majorna, is shared with a couple of fellow ceramics and the shelves at her workplace is full of her signature plates, clay and tools.

All of Frida's works are hand-rolled and have unique patterns that is obtained by mixing different colour clay and a great deal of composition work.

– It was sheer serendipity that I started using this technique. I saw a pattern in a piece of clay that I had thrown away, and it got me curious. I then tried to recreate it, but of course that was impossible. I tried it over and over again until I at last understood how it was done and I got the smoke pattern I was looking for.

Frida's cups and plates are frequently featured in interior design blogs and social media, and she is happy for the support she gets from other ceramic artists and designers in Gothenburg.

– There is a strong network of creative people, and many of them are so good at highlighting each other. Right now there are also so many talented people active in Gothenburg, and a lot of great venues for craft as Sintra in Haga and the galleries Lerverk and Anna H.


Follow Frida on Instagram (@fridamalarbornhoshino). Her works are sold at Konsthantverkscentrum.

Frida Mälarborn Hoshinos best tips for Majorna

1. Stigbergstorget–Mariaplan

Take the tram to the stop Stigbergstorget, and walk to Mariaplan where you'll find cafés, shops and restaurants. You'll get to see large parts of Majorna and it's a nice day out.

2. What's the Deli

What's the Deli is newly opened New York-inspired sandwich place at Mariaplan that is well worth a visit. 

3. Röda Sten

Walk down to the waterside art hall and restaurant Röda Sten and have an ice-cream or beer in the sun and visit the ongoing exhibition. Then keep on walking towards Nya Varvet by the water and then back to Majorna.

4. Kvart Interiör

Kvart Interiör is one of my favourite interior design shops. Located at Mariplan.

5. Plaskis

The childrens pool Plaskis is a great family outing. Just prepare to never get home again!