Design Kandidat – Degree show

HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts, will show off the degree projects of their graduate students from the BFA programme in design. The programme accommodates a wide platform for individual searches for an identity as designer, mirrored in the variety of design topics and techniques on display – such as illustration, pattern construction, graphic form, interior design, furniture and product development. 

HDK, October 7–13, read more

The Weaving Workshop revisited

A two-day symposium presented by the Röhsska Museum and students of HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts, with lectures and workshops, The symposium will be focused on practice-based research on occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Bauhaus school. 

Röhsska, October 8–9, read more

Growing (a table) together

Get together and explore how design based on an artistic foundation can help strengthen relationships by creating a growing table together. Cooperation might very well be the key to achieving sustainable development, but it’s a complex endeavour. This workshop aims to exchange knowledge and experience by building, eating and conversing around issues related to sustainable development locally and globally. 

Linnarhult, Gunnilse, October 8, read more

Cardboard sculpture

Mikaela Eira Wallin is a graffiti painter and a jewellery artist studying her second year at HDK, and in this workshop you’ll explore new materials and unexpected sculptural qualities. The focus of the workshop is to explore how cardboard can be used as material in artistic research, but even more it’s a chance to build something really big together with others.

HDK, October 12–13, read more. 

Ung Svensk Form

The exhibition Ung Svensk Form is a unique arena for young design and blooming design practitioners. The project was created with the aim of increasing the knowledge and widening the scope of new, innovative Swedish design; helping it engage with new audiences.

Nordstadstorget, October 7–13, read more

Check out the full programme at the Gothenburg Design Festival website here