Our editors have sniffed out three really dog-friendly tips for anyone wanting a  great stay in Gothenburg. Enjoy and let Buster join on your next journey. 

1. Luxe for dog owners and dogs at Hotel Pigalle

Dogs get a very warm welcome at Pigalle. The room is set up with the hotel's own organic dog treats made by chef Henric Jacobsson, a handmade oak dog bed, water and food bowl in organic recycled wood and steel, a soft rug, toys and Wonderboo dog food. The latter is made from natural and Swedish ingredients, carefully air-dried at 50 degrees.
Good to know: The hotel only has one room for dogs so make sure to book early!

2. "Very important dogs"check in at Clarion Hotel Post

Dogs of all sizes are welcome at Clarion Hotel Post at Drottningtorget and the hotel has a number of rooms for the purpose. Give notice well in advance and your pooch will get a "Very Important Dog"-stay. The package includes dog bed, water and food bowls, dog waste bags as well as dog treats. 
Good to know: Book early – and keep in mind that only guide dogs are welcome in the public areas of the hotel, out of consideration for allergy sufferers. 

3. Dogs have their own menu at Taverna Averna, Kafé Magasinet and Levantine

Dogs have always been welcome at Avenyfamiljen's restaurants around Gothenburg, but you now get another reason to drop by on your evening walk. The French bistro Levantine, the Italian Taverna Averna and Kafé Magasinet now all serve three dishes especially for four-footed gourmets. Choose between beef, cod fillet and a low-calorie option.
Good to know: The dog food is made in Sweden, from Swedish ingredients.

4. Home made dog treats at historic café

Flickorna på Färjenäs is located in an old turn of the century house by the foot of the Älvsborgsbron bridge on the Hisingen side of the river Göta älv. Here, the dogs are the vip-guests and they are served home-made dog treats on arrival. Dog owners can choose between breakfast, sandwiches, home baked goods and afternoon tea on weekends.


Tip! Different restaurants have different rules when it comes to dogs by the table. Always double-check before booking a table or ask if you drop by. When it comes to hotels – make sure to ask if you can bring your dog and remember to book early.

What applies in the park?

Slottsskogen: Dogs are welcome all year round, but must be on leash. However, there is an excercise yard for dogs at Majvallen where they can run freely.

Gothenburg Botanical Gardens: Dogs on leash are welcome between October 1 and February 28. Dogs are banned from the park in spring and summer to protect delicate plants and flowers.

The Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen): Dogs are unfortunately not welcome in the garden at all, no matter if they are leashed or not.

Read more about rules for dogs in local parks (link in Swedish).

Good to know: Gothenburg has several fenced areas where dogs can run off-leash. (link in Swedish).

And at the beach...?

Dogs are banned from the swimming spots Askimsbadet, Härlanda Tjärn, Lillebybadet and Näsetbadet between May 1 and September 15. Dogs are however welcome at all other municipal beaches (and can swim too) but should be kept on leash.

Can I bring my dog on the bus, tram or ferry?

Yes, but dogs must be kept on leash or in a dog carrier/bag when travelling and cannot take up an extra seat. One dog per vehicle is the standard limitation, but you can still ask the driver to bring another dog onboard and they will judge from case to case (two dogs travelling with the same owner is always an exception). Make sure to stay in the back of the tram carriage or vehicle out of consideration for allergy sufferers. On ferries, pick the starboard (right) side or travel outside on deck.

Guide dogs are naturally always welcome and excepted from the rules above.

More information about travelling with dogs

PETA has listed a few things to keep in mind when travelling with your pooch.

Swedish readers can check out the information from Svenska Kennelklubben (link in Swedish).