Credit: Peter Kvarnström

1. The view from Skansen Kronan

It’s well worth the effort to take the stairs up the fortification Skansen Kronan. From here you have an amazing view over large parts of central Gothenburg.

Credit: Anders Storm/Göteborg & Co

2. The Palm house in the Garden Society

This greenhouse in the city park Trädgårdsföreningen (The Garden Society) is an Instagram favourite, no wonder with its beautiful exterior and jungle-like interior.

Credit: Frida Winter

3. Haga Nygata

The main street in the old neighbourhood Haga is lined with cafés and small shops, and is a must to visit, and photograph, when you’re in Gothenburg.

4. The courtyard at Magasinsgatan

The open space at the street Magasinsgatan is a popular stop for food trucks, coffee in the sun and interior design shopping at Artilleriet. At the back of the café da Matteo Panetteria is another small courtyard with the the flower shop Floramor & Krukatös.

Credit: Anders Wester

5. The cranes in the harbour

The cranes in the harbour by the river is much loved by the Gothenburg locals. You’ll get a good view of them from the Opera house or the travel centre Stenpiren.

6. The bridge Älvsborgsbron

The turquoise bridge is one of Gothenburg’s most popular landmarks on Instagram. Art centre Röda Sten, located just below the bridge, is also quite picturesque.

Credit: Mika Aberra

7. ‘Lejontrappan’

The steps by the canal Stora Hamnkanalen is a popular spot to sit and catch the sun with a cup of coffee or ice cream. From here you have a great view over the canal.

Credit: Happy Visuals / Göteborg & Co

8. Victoriapassagen

The alley between the streets Vallgatan and Södra Larmgatan is home to popular shops and a café with year-round outdoor serving area.

Credit: Frida Winter

9. Järntorget

The square Järntorget is a hub for trams and Gothenburg’s alternative nightlife (and culture, with popular theatre Folkteatern right around the corner). It’s a popular Instagram spot – especially when the cherry trees blossom in the Spring.

10. Kuggen

The eye-catching Kuggen, “the cog”, at Lindholmen is a colourful round building with triangle-shaped windows, designed by Gothenburg-based architect Gert Wingårdh. Not far away you’ll find tasty Lindholmen Street Food market, located in a very photo-friendly old shipyard.