Credit: Happy Visuals

1. Winter barbecue

Who said summer is the only barbecue season? Gothenburg has plenty of beautiful barbecue sites by a forest, a lake or the sea, where you can prepare a warm and cosy meal with your family or your closest friends.

2. Have lunch or “Swedish fika” outdoors

Many of Gothenburg’s restaurants offer winter-style outdoor seating, parasols, glass walls and infrared heating – so that you can explore the city’s culinary landscape in a safe way.

Hiking in Vättlefjäll. Credit: Happy Visuals

3. Experience the nature of Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, fresh air and wide open spaces are never far away. Explore nature areas in the city centre or check out one of the many hiking trails further out.

4. Discover food in new ways

Gothenburg’s restaurants are working hard to offer amazing food in these extraordinary times. Explore everything from Michelin-star takeaway and gourmet bags to delicious cook-it-yourself packages.

Hammarkullen och street art från artscape
Hammarkullen street art. Credit: Lars Lanhed

5. Check out outdoor art

Gothenburg is filled to the brim with outdoor art, and it’s all there for you to discover. Enjoy statues, gallery windows, street art and manhole cover poetry – and don’t miss the 21 kilometre art walk.

6. Visit a castle

A short ride from the city centre you’ll find breathtaking castles and gardens. Join the quiz walk at Gunnebo House and Gardens or make a day trip to one of the old forts.

Outdoor workout at Kviberg.

7. Go for an open air workout

Working out is a great way to enter the new year, and in Gothenburg there are plenty of outdoor options – from the obstacle course in Kviberg to adventurous mountainbike trails. Find your way to one of the outdoor gyms or go for a run in the forest.

8. Outdoor play

Did you know there are exciting caves and a rain-themed playground in Gothenburg? Explore the many playgrounds around town – there are plenty of gems for the Christmas holidays.

Hisingsparken Credit: Park och Naturförvaltningen Göteborg

9. Stroll through parks and gardens

Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Hisingsparken, Kungsparken and Slottsskogen city park are just a few of Gothenburg’s cosy green spaces. Discover a new favourite in 2021.

10. Experience the waterfront city

Gothenburg has developed along the river Göta älv. Discover the artwalk on the northern river bank, try out the archipelago’s hiking trails or relax with a coffee at the Lindholmen harbour.