A natural meeting place, like the kitchen at a great party. The bar at Avalon Hotel suits everyone. This place is a pre party, an after party, an after work or just a nice place to hang with your friends or partner – all in one. This bar has been named one of the best bars in Sweden on many occasions and their motto is to always serve one of the best cocktails you have ever had.

Having a drink at Avalon bar.


At Zamenhof, no less than three different concepts are gathered in one place; Café Gazette, The Silver Lining, and MayDay. Here, you can spend the whole day, finishing it off with some fine cocktails at The Silver Lining. This concept is somewhat unique, and with the open-air café, you’ll be sure to have a lovely evening. In this “grown up kindergarten”, as it is described, you’ll also find board games and dozens of locally produced beers to drink.

Bar Bruno

Classic, ageless and burgundy red – that is the concept of the newest place in the cosy courtyard on Kyrkogatan. Bar Bruno is run by the same owners as Champagnebaren, but here they go all in on cocktails. Regardless of your taste, you can get anything. You could always go for a classic drink, or why not experiment with some new flavours? Everyone is welcome and this small place contributes to a homey feeling.


Finding this bar is not the easiest. But once you do, you will have a blast. Stranger has a historical and serene atmosphere, taking you back to the American 20s and 30s. In this cellar, you will be able to taste a variety of refreshments, from all over the world. With their new concept, you and your taste buds will be travelling to different regions of the world, trying out flavours from specific places.

Credit: Superstudio


The cocktail bar at Barabicu is renowned in Gothenburg. This bar, which is a homage to New Orleans, treats you with classics such as Sazerac and Ramos gin fizz, as well as modern ones. Enjoy your cocktail in the sun, right by the canal, or sit inside the delightful restaurant and experience flavours and scents in a Pan American spirit with fish, shellfish and meat.

Restaurang Familjen

The Swedish White Guide named Familjen, Årets Hjärterestaurang (the Heart Restaurant of the Year) in 2018, and they have high ambitions. Here you can of course treat yourself with a Gin & Tonic or a Bloody Mary, but you can also get cocktails in a new, bolder way. How about a drink with blueberries and cream cheese? Or a Plommonstop (a bowler hat) with plums. Here, berries, spices and alcohol are mixed in a different and reconstructive way, in a homelike environment.

Bar Amuse

Bar Amuse is located in the award-winning Hotel Pigalle, a bar offering everything from malty cocktails and champagne, to charcuteries, smørrebrød and cheese. The interior is expressive with dark colours, chandeliers and deers hanging on the wall, reminiscent to an old Edgar Allan Poe short story. At Bar Amuse you leave the outside world behind to enjoy luxurious drinks and appetisers, or just to spend some time with your friends in a different environment.

The bar at Bruk.


Bruk, a bar where everyone is welcome whether it is for a drink or for food. Here, emphasis lies on the service and everyone visiting should feel like home. Bruk is a bar fond of their food, beverages and especially cocktails.
Friggagatan 4

Hotell Dorsia

Step into the classic and innovative Hotel Dorsia. Experience “La Belle Epoque” with some delicious and tasty cocktails. In this well thought out environment, anyone can be charmed. Try one of their champagne drinks or try something completely new from their extensive list.


Pix is a Basque influenced restaurant and bar with pintxos, cocktails and modern street art. The two story bar and restaurant, located at Grönsakstorget, mixes drinks in a very professional manner. Pix is the urban sister of Bourbon Street, who works more with American vibes. The Basque restaurant has made Grönsakstorget more popular than ever, and attracts people looking for a modern and flavourful experience.

Bon Bon Bar

Focus: sustainability – that is the theme of this luxury bar called Bon Bon Bar. Enjoy a high class cocktail with a praline and get the best out of both worlds. All ingredients are produced in a sustainable way, from the Nordic countries. At Bon Bon Bar you can start the evening with a pleasant cocktail at the social club, which later transcends into a night club – simply put, there is something for everyone.

Cuckoo’s Nest

Cuckoo’s Nest bar is a relaxed oasis with a homey feeling. The bar has a tradition of experimenting and developing with drinks and cocktails on a daily basis. No matter your taste, the bartenders of Cuckoo’s Nest is there to serve you only the best. They’ve won two international prizes, one as the Best European Hotel Bar, and one as the Best Designed Bar in Europe.