8.30 Welcome to Gothenburg! Breakfast at JOS

When you disembark your train at Gothenburg Central Station you’re just a short walk from the lively shopping districts of Gothenburg. The shoppers won’t be out for another couple of hours though, so you’ll have a nice and quiet walk along the inner harbour canal to the street Lilla Kyrkogatan and the popular café JOS. With a focus on healthy salads and bowls, JOS offers a tasty breakfast, available in both vegan and vegetarian editions. Have a look at our breakfast and brunch guides for more suggestions on where to start the day.

10.00 Paddan Sightseeing Tour

Fuelled up, it’s time for a real Gothenburg classic. Even if you’ve been to Gothenburg before, the Paddan tour  offers new views and perspectives. The flat sightseeing boats take you under bridges and across canals and waterways while a guide details the past and present of the city.

12.00 Lunch and Shopping near Vallgatan and Magasinsgatan

Once you get off Paddan, take a lesuirley stroll along the moat towards the shopping streets Vallgatan and Magasinsgatan, home to interior design mecca Artilleriet, hip Scandinavian fashion labels and local archipelago-themed design from Emma & Malena, and many more. Hungry? The food trucks in the area will take care of that!

Credit: Frida Winter

16.00 Swedish fika in Haga

Grab your shopping bags and stroll on over to Haga. No visit to Gothenburg is complete without a traditional Swedish “fika”, so take a seat outside one of the many cafés and indulge in some people watching while you munch on a giant cinnamon bun.

16.45 Take a scenic rest at Skansen Kronan

You’ve had a busy schedule, and it’s not even five o’ clock yet! To make it through the evening, we’ll give you a short rest. Just as soon as you’ve climbed the rather steep stairs up the hill Risåsberget, to the park surrounding the old fortification Skansen Kronan. Take a seat or lie down on the grass, and relax for a while as you enjoy scenic views of Gothenburg.

18.00 Have a drink at the street Tredje Långgatan

Make your way down the hill towards the area Järntorget and Långgatorna, one of the major night life and restaurant hubs in Gothenburg. The street Tredje Långgatan has loads of great restaurands and bars to choose from, including wine bar Olssons Vin, located in a charming covered courtyard. Sit down for a glass and enjoy.

Credit: Studiografen / Göteborg & Co

19.00 Spoilt for choice, dinner

Once dinner rolls around, you’re almost spoilt for choice with so many delicious options. From the tasty sour dough pizzas at craft beer pub Brewers Beer Bar to the yummy tacos of Tacos and Tequila, this street has something for everyone. 

21.00 Bar hopping

Next, decide whether you prefer a beer in relaxed setting at adjacent street Andra Långgatan, or if you’d rather sit down at a cocktail bar, in which case you’d do well to make your way towards the main boulevard Avenyn and its many bars and bistros.

Hit the clubs or hit the hay 23.00

Still got some energy left? Let your legs move on one of the many dancefloors of popular night club Yaki-Da, or at one of many other venues around town. If you’re in the mood for a late night snack, try the local specialty “en halv special” (a hot dog with mashed potatoes on top) from a hot dog stand.

There are, of course, a whole lot more to see and do in Gothenburg, so do come back, and thanks for visiting!