Credit: Peter Kvarnström

Practical information

Seafood “fika” and accomodations

Brännö värdshus and pensionat baggen

The inn Brännö Värdshus was built in 1900 and is located on the middle of the island. Get something to eat, stay the night or do both! Rooms are available at Pensionat Baggen.

Brännö Varv

The beach and surf-inspired café Brännö Varv is a summer favourite, right by the ferry stop Brännö Rödsten.

Eat a pizza or grab a drink and enjoy the sunset.

Café Öbergska

When you arrive at the island Styrsö, you’ll notice Café Öbergska right away. Their lush garden is perfect for a shrimp sandwich and a cup of coffee.


The island of Donsö is home to one of Sweden’s most important harbours, but Donsö is worth visiting for many other reasons. The restaurant and hotel Isbolaget for instance. What was previously an ice house is now an ambitious restaurant and a cosy place to spend the night.

Popsicle café

The old fire station at Donsö has been turned into Popsicle Café. gamla brandstationen på Donsö

Here you can choose between items such as Donsö bread, handmade ice cream, espresso, cappuccino and retro candy.


A stay at Kajkanten is pretty much as close to the water as you can get without getting wet. Rent your own cabin with all amenities by the quayside.

Kajkante also offer activities such as kayaking and a floating sauna.

Fiskeboa / Hamnkrogen Lotsen

Get your fresh seafood straight from the boat at Fiskeboa! If you would rather sit down and enjoy a meal then Hamnkrogen lotsen is a great choice with several tasty seafood dishes.

Kayaking and swimming

The islands in the southern part of the archipelago are located within close proximity of each other and are perfect for kayaking.

On the island of Styrsö you can rent a kayak at Styrsö Kajak, they also offer courses and guided tours.

On the island of Donsö, check out Donsö Sea Kayak where you can rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.

There are many swimming spots to explore on the islands, two of our favourites are Brännö Ramsdal and Styrsö Brattenbadet.