Friday 18.00 – Trubaduren and Skärgårdshotellet

You’ve arrived at the island of Hönö on a Friday afternoon. The Hönö Klåva harbour, the first stop of this mini tour, is home to the hotel Skärgårdshotellet Hönö, located right on the edge of the harbour. The hotel offers double rooms located a stone’s throw from the water, and half of all the rooms have porches facing the sea. The restaurant Tullhuset, on the outermost part of the dock, is also worth a visit. Their menu mixes classics with playful innovation, all focused on fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes.

Saturday, 10.00 – Hönö Klåva

Saturday is the best day of the week to explore the charming area around the harbour. Take a relaxing stroll, enjoy the atmosphere and browse the local shops such as Lilling Cottage, a home décor and flower shop that also serves Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Make sure to save some time for a visit to the museum Fiskemuseet. Located a bit further out towards the sea, the museum will teach you more about the archipelago history and traditions. Check the opening hours ahead of your visit, just to be safe. The area around the harbour has a selection of charming lunch restaurants, including Franses Skärgårdspub, located in a building that was previously used to make fishing nets.

13.30 – Ersdalens nature reserve

Hönö Röd is located on the north western part of the island, a 25 minute walk from Klåva. You’ll pass the church Hönö Kyrka along the way, keep going on the road Rödvägen past the shop ICA, turn left on to the road Ersdalsvägen and keep going for a few hundred metres until you reach the car park.  From the car park there’s a path leading in to the Ersdalen nature reserve, home to some of the best rock climbing the Gothenburg archipelago has to offer. At Ersdalen, the main attraction is bouldering, a form of climbing where you climb on rocks and boulders at a moderate height without the use of harness or rope. If you’re not in to rock climbing, the nature reserve is beautiful and well worth a visit for the scenery alone.

16.00 – Källö-Knippla

Beautiful island Knippla is the last stop of the day. The restaurant Matjes is located in the harbour at the end of the pier. Here you’ll also find the hostel Vadbinderiet with balconies overlooking the waters between Marstrand and Gothenburg.  You can go for an evening or morning swim from the pier just outside and if you want to the hostel will help you book the sauna. There’s another nice swimming spot a short walk away and the island is circled by a walking path well suited for strollers. The boat from the ferry stop Burö Färjeläge to Knippla is free and runs several times a day. There’s a car park at Burö Färjeläge.

Söndag, 10.00 – Tjolmen

The Tjolmen harbour is located west of the bridge Hälsöbron, on the north coast of the island Öckerö. Here you’ll find boating club Öckerö Båtsällskap, where you can rent sea kayaks. Paddling west along the northern coast of Öckerö to Lilla Rävholmen and back is a nice little route, well suited for a pre-lunch trip. Some kayaking experience is recommended, but you’re never far away from land. The stillness and tranquillity of kayaking in calm waters is hard to beat.

13.00 – Hälsö Harbour

Walk along winding paths in harbour of the island Hälsö and experience the well preserved buildings typical of the archipelago. Here you’ll also find a shop, miniature golf and the one and only Indian restaurant of the Gothenburg archipelago. For lunch, head back to Öckerö and the resstaurant at Nimbus Öckerö.

16.00 – Hälsö

If the weather allows for it and you want to squeeze in one last swim before leaving the archipelago, you can do so at Tjolmens badplats. Once you’ve dried yourself off it’s time to head back to the mainland.

Good to know

How to get there

You can reach Hönö, Källö-Knippla and Hälsö by ferry from Lilla Varholmen. You can bring your car, motorcycle or bicycle on the ferry and it’s easy to get around on the bigger islands. There is also local public transport that covers most of the islands and the short distances makes bicycling an ideal way to get around.

Book in advance

  • Room at the hotel Trubaduren
  • Table at restaurant Tullhuset
  • Accommodation at the hostel Vadbinderiet
  • Table at the restaurant Matjes
  • Kayaking at the harbour Tjolehamnen