Remember to avoid crowding at the swimming spots, and do not park your car in such a way that you are blocking the road for emergency vehicles.

The “I only swim from rocks and cliffs” swimmer

Sure, sandy beaches have their charm but then you are stuck with sand in your hair and home for the rest of the week. That is one of many reasons why people enjoy the rocky shores of the Swedish west coast. Another one is the fact that the cliffs are often slightly, perfect for a relaxing day at the seaside. For a rock solid choice, head to Smithska Udden (known locally as “Smitten”) south west of the city centre.

The “I want sand between my toes” swimmer

Sure cliffs are nice to look at, but they are not exactly soft. And it is quite difficult to get a parasol to stick in them. The Gothenburg coast line may not be famous for its sandy beaches, but there are actually quite a few options. Many of the beaches have a mix of cliffs and sand, but for a massive sandy beach, check out Askimsbadet!

The “I want to know what is in there” swimmer

Many consider a swim in the ocean or a lake to be relaxing. Others are a tiny bit stressed out about not knowing what is lurking under the surface. If you are one of the latter persons, you may prefer a swim in a more controlled environment. Lucky for you, the public pool in Frihamnen (Allmänna badet) is just that. It is a swimming pool, floating in the river Göta älv, located in the park Jubileumsparken.

The “Look at me doing backflips!” swimmer

People go swimming for different reasons. Excerise, relaxation, cool down or perhaps even for the excitmenet and entertainment! If you are searching for thrills to go along with your swim, check out newly renovated Bergsjöbadet, east of the city centre. The lake has diving towers in different heights, placed on a raft for safe jumps.

The “I have four paws and a tail” swimmer

It is not just us humans who want to cool down during the summer, our four legged friends also enjoy a swim. Many swimming spots in Gothenburg allow dogs to use them (some don’t check the city of Gothenburg’s website for the full list). We happily recommend the lake Delsjön, as you can combine a swim with a walk in the Beautiful nature resevere. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash at the swimming spot and when in the water.