1. Sightseeing with electric boats – be your own captain

Rent an electric boat at Let’s Boat and discover Gothenburg from the charming canals lining the city centre. The boats, that are found at Lejontrappan next to the park Brunnsparken, can accomodate twelve people and you can bring your own food and drinks for a picnic on the water. Cushions and life jackets in various sizes are provided and it’s up to you to decide the duration of the trip.

2. Go on a seafood safari in the Gothenburg archipelago

From April to October, you can join a seafood safari on the island Hönö in the Gothenburg archipelago. After the tour, you can either cook the catch yourself or have someone do it for you and enjoy a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in the harbour.

Kastor Boat trips use sustainably built boats with fuel efficient engines and use a yarn that opens the traps and releases the catch if they should be lost. The local diving club, Divers Against Ghost Nets, help the fishing boats to relocate lost traps.

The island Hönö is easily accessible by bus or car and ferry, about 30 minutes from central Gothenburg.

3. Rent your own kayak from a “kayakomat”

Point65 Kayak Centers, that already run 20 something kayak rentals around Sweden, are introducing “kayakomats” in and around Gothenburg. Every kayak comes with a life jacket and you also get instructions by email in order to ensure a safe trip. The booking is made through an app and then you can pick up your kayak at Ringön where the first kayakomat will open shortly.

4. Go camping in a tree

Want to get really close to nature? Try tree camping at Björsjöås in the nature reserve Vättlefjäll, 15 kilometers north of the city centre. Pevon Ecotourism offer unique outdoor experiences in cooperation with local stakeholders.

Try the tree tent as an adventure in its own right, or use it as a stop on the stretch Storås–Jennylund on the hiking trail Pilgrimsleden. You can also book guided outdoor tours or learn how to cook your own dinner over an open flame.

5. Discover new public art

Gothenburg is filled to the brim with public art, for instance there are over 100 large murals around the city. As part of the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations in 2021, seven new works curated by art festival Artscape and the 21 kilometer art walk were added to the mix.

21 kilometers of art now stretches between Blå Stället in Angered and Röda sten in the west, lined by murals, banners and colourful tunnels. The project focusses on social sustainability and was started to connect different parts of the city, while providing employment opportunities and getting young people involved in urban development.

6. Visit Liseberg, the sustainable amusement park

Liseberg is finally open again, and there are lots of news in the Rabbit land and on the restaurant scene. Liseberg amusement park is not only the largest of its kind in the Nordics, they’re also aiming to be world leaders among sustainable amusement parks by the year 2025.

All the park’s attractions are run by 100 percent renewable energy, some of it from their own wind turbines, but also by reusing the energy created by certain rides and attractions. At Liseberg, you can eat sustainably at KRAV-labelled restaurants, indulge in organic cotton candy and win eco-labelled chocolate at the lottery stands. Every year, around 2000 tons of waste is sorted and all food waste is turned into biogas.

7. Go second hand shopping

There are lots of great second hand shops in Gothenburg. Explore the vintage and thrift shops in the city’s different neighbourhoods and enjoy a meal or “Swedish fika” at one of the many sustainably-focussed eateries. Across the river from the central station, on the island Hisingen, you’ll find shops like Björkåfrihet, CG Antikmarknad, Goa tider and many more at the stop Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen. Head south for carefully selected vintage items at Kvillehyllan and Melins retro.

Or why not head to the cosy neighbourhood Majorna, in the west? Here you’ll find places like Majornas saker från förr, Fabriken, Gbg Deco, Tracks Recycle and several others. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurant with a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian food, like Blackbird, Kafé Gapet and Musikens Hus & Café Hängmattan. And at Stadsmissionen’s restaurant Restaurang Svinn next to Stigbergstorget you can have a sustainable lunch with saved ingredients!

8. DIY meal at Gunnebo House and Gardens

Book the table at Gunnebo House and Gardens and enjoy a unique culinary experience in nature, where you and your company get to prepare the meal. The table is located by idyllic lake Stensjön and surrounded by resplendent oak trees, in Gunnebo’s leafy historic country estate. Enjoy fresh ingredients from the kitchen garden, freshly baked bread from the bakery and add some self-picked herbs.

Kaffehus och Krog is Gunnebo’s KRAV certified restaurant and cafe where everything is made from seasonal produce from the garden, and 99.4 percent of the ingredients are organic.

9. Enjoy hiking and good food at Garveriet and Öijared Resort

All around Gothenburg there are places where nature and sustainability meet in harmony. Garveriet, in Floda, is one of those places. The first thing you see as you enter is the cafe, restaurant and bakery where the big wood-fired oven is the heart of the place. After a sustainable lunch at Garveriet it’s time for some exercise! Follow the hiking trail to Öijared Resort where you can relax at the spa and enjoy Maria Åkerberg’s organic skin care products.

Garveriet and Öijared Resort offer the package deals “Traska” and “Ströva” which include food, spa and overnight stays.