Dirty Records

You will find one of the best restaurants on the street right here, sharing a space with record store Dirty Records. The menu is all vegetarian, and you’ll find fresh beer on tap from local brewery Stigbergets.


The pub ”Dansken” (The Dane) promises to bring the “danish joy to Gothenburg” and they certainly do. The interior is reminiscent of a living room with a weird twist, and behind the bar Tuborg Grön stands next to some of the best craft beer Denmark has to offer. The food? Smörrebrod, obviously, as well as herring, röd pölse (sausage) and other Danish staples, all quite affordable.

Ölstugan Tullen

These days, you can find versions of Tullen all over town. But this is where it all started. When the Gothenburg craft beer scene really got going around 2010, Tullen was the obvious choice for beer nerds and thirsty hop hunters. The original Tullen is still a popular spot along Andra långgatan, not least in summer when the outdoor seating offers a great vantage point of the street.

9:ans ölhall

The adress Andra långgatan 9 is home to 9:ans ölhall, of course. A wide selection of beers (over 100 different kinds of beer available) and classic pub grub has made it a popular choice for many years.

The Burger

Burgers and Andra långgatan go hand in hand, and finding a great burger became even easier when “The Burger” opened a couple of years ago. Their slogan is “burgers and stuff”, and that’s exactly what you will get. Choose between organic beef burgers or vegan options.


Not in the mood for an IPA or lager? Head to Tvinky, a modern wine bar with a wide selection of wine by the glass and tasty cocktails. Hungry? The menu is full of flavours inspired by the Scandinavian kitchen.

Sejdeln, Kelly’s King’s Head & Queen’s Head

Cross the street Värmlandsgatan and you will get to some of Andra Lång’s most classic haunts. The quartet Sejdeln, Kelly’s, King’s Head och Queen’s Head have a lot in common, not least affordable drinks and a great atmosphere. Something that the students of Gothenburg enjoy, and you will find quite a few students here.

Hops & Haket

Finally, right at the end of the bar-part of Andra långgatan, you will find Hops. Just as the name suggests, this is a place that focuses on beer. You will find a wide selection of beer from all over the world as well as beer from the local breweries in Gothenburg.

Just little further ahead, across the square Masthuggstorget, lies Haket. Technically on the street Första långgatan, but it’s such a great spot that we will happily include it here anyway.