The wine bar and pizzeria Oizo in Kålltorp Credit: Oizo

One stop away from Redbergsplatsen takes you to Stockholmsgatan and Bagaregården. If you travel a few more stops, you will soon find Munkebäckstorget and the heart of Kålltorp. In these areas, new restaurants and shops have opened up at regular basis in recent years. In this guide, we advise you on everything from where you can eat, have coffee and shop in Bagaregården and Kålltorp!

Enoteca Roma

At the beginning of Bagaregården’s main street, on Stockholmsgatan 3, you’ll find the Italian wine bar and restaurant Enoteca Roma. Here you have the opportunity to visit Rome for a while. The short but well-thought-out menu offers classics from the Italian capital, which is the chef’s and also the owner’s old hometown.


If you’re craving pizza, look no further than the street Munkebäcksgatan 30 in Kålltorp. Here you will find the restaurant and wine bar Oizo, which specializes in pizza, natural wines and locally brewed beers. Here it’s drop-in and first come, first served, so it’s important to be here in good time!


A short walk from the above restaurant takes you to the Intill restaurant. They describe themselves as “An extra living room, a place to meet, an element of Kålltorp and a restaurant for those of you who live nearby, in the neighborhood next door or far away”. Here you can choose everything from hash browns, beef tataki and halibut sashimi on the menu.


On the way up to Strömensberg, at the beginning of the street Sofiagatan, you can both fix your broken bike and have a good coffee at the same time. While your wheel is being repaired or your brakes are being fixed, you can enjoy good quality coffee and buns. A very good combo, we think!

Onkel Enkel

A few steps up the street Sofiagatan takes you to Onkel Enkel, a vintage and second-hand store focused on interior design, porcelain and fine details for the home. If you’re lucky, you can find something truly unique as the store often offers items by recognized designers.

Ölstugan 1892 Tullen

You can find the gastropub Ölstugan 1892 Tullen in many neighborhoods in Gothenburg, and so also in Kålltorp. Here you can enjoy good beer and classic Swedish cuisine in the company of good friends, and during spring and summer you can choose to sit outside on the pub’s large terrace.

Lilla Sur

The sourdough bakery Lilla Sur, which you’ll find at Solrosgatan 11 in Kålltorp, is perhaps one of Gothenburg’s most sought-after bakeries. There is often a queue here, but do not despair, it usually goes quickly and is worth the wait! The small hole-in-the-wall bakery has only room for one guest at a time. You buy your bread and then make room for the next guest. During the semel-season, the bakery bakes its well-known Kremla – a cross between the cinnamon roll and the Swedish semla. Here you can also buy pizza dough for your homemade pizza!

East Kitchen

The East Kitchen restaurant can be found at the street Munkebäcks Allé 36, and most Asian cuisine is served here. The premises are new and fresh and are located in walking distance to the Munkebäckstorget tram stop. Here you can order everything between beef ramen, bibimbap and bao bun with duck.


At the street Munkebäcks Allé 10, you’ll find the wine bar and restaurant Vinarium. The focus is, just as the name suggests, on wine, but the restaurant also works to pair wine with food based on seasonal ingredients.

Mountainbiking in Skatås


As part of the Delsjö nature reserve area, Skatås is a perfect place for those who love running, go for long walks or just want a pinch of fresh air. There are lots of wonderful exercise routes, walking paths and hiking trails here. There’s also an floodlit trail in the area that stretches between 2.5, 5 and 8 kilometers and a terrain trail of 10 to 18 kilometers. You will also find two weight training areas adjacent to the tracks.

SAW studio and gallery

At the street of Sofiagatan 6 you’ll find the studio and art gallery SAW. Here you can find, among other things, unique and handmade jewelry that the studio is behind. From time to time, vernissages and art exhibitions are also arranged in the studio’s gallery. Well worth a visit!