Stay at a design hotel

Ok, first things first: where are you going to stay? Gothenburg has some of Sweden’s most talked-about design hotels, so it’s really just a matter of choosing. Clarion Hotel Draken is designed with inspiration from the film world and offers perhaps Gothenburg’s best view from the roof bar 33 floors up. Historic Hôtel Eggers has uniquely decorated and cosy rooms. Avalon is centrally located and gives guests access to the newly renovated rooftop pool, and Jacy’s is a resort in itself, with a Miami-inspired pool club and several restaurants.

Enjoy at the spa

There are several fantastic spa hotels and facilities in Gothenburg. Sankt Jörgen Park is a resort where you can both spend the night or treat yourself to the day and hang out by the pools. The beautiful Hagabadet can be found in three places in Gothenburg, of which the one in Haga (the old Renström bathing and laundry establishment) is the most classic.

Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa has several different spa packages, including brunch, and the five-star hotel Upper House has an exclusive spa with a hammam, experience shower and three different pools, including a free-hanging outdoor pool.

Eat at a Michelin restaurant

Gothenburg has five restaurants with one star in the Guide Michelin, all exciting in their own way. Restaurant 28+ is a veteran in the group, Signum serves a tasting menu inspired by the four elements – earth, fire, air and water, SK Mat & Människor an intimate meeting place where you sit close to the chefs’ workplace, Koka an experimental and lust-filled restaurant and Project a elegant bistro. Wherever you go, you are sure to have exciting taste experiences to remember for a long time.

At charming Luckans fisk in the neigbourhood Majorna you can find lots of freshly caught delicacies from the sea.

Fish and seafood

In Gothenburg, you eat seafood. Simple as that. Either you go to a classic place like Sjömagasinet or Fiskekrogen, or you try one of Gothenburg’s newer fish restaurants that have come along more recently. For example, Fiskbar 17 that offers a more street-foody twist. Also, Kajutan in the market hall Saluhallen is well worth a visit.

Try the latest restaurant concepts

Gothenburg’s restaurateurs have not been on the lazy side in recent years. Among the exciting restaurant concepts that have popped up, it is worth mentioning modern Asian restaurants such as Southeast Asian Saga and Chinese Fei. Around Järntorget you’ll find more classic flavours at the wine bar and restaurant Poppy and the New Nordic bistro Alba.

Good and unique drinks

Gothenburg is the craft beer capital of Sweden, so don’t miss out on trying brands like Poppels, Vega and Stigbergets if you like beer. If you are a wine geek, you should visit small (super small) Bar la Lune, Olsson’s wine or Husette.

If you want to try wine made in Gothenburg from imported grapes, a visit to Wine Mechanics is recommended, where you can also see how the craft is done. They have both a restaurant in Gamlestan, and one in Saluhallen in the middle of central Gothenburg. Bubbles? Yes, then there is, for example, the Champagnbaren on Kyrkogatan.