Getting around in Gothenburg

As a traveller with a disability, it can be challenging moving around in a city you have not visited before. Gothenburg is constantly working to minimize peoples negative experiences connected to accessibility issues resulting from physical hindrance, severe allergy or being unable to take in important information. Please visit to read more about the overall accessibility of Gothenburg. You can also get personal guidance through Gothenburg’s Contact Centre where information is provided in many different languages.

Streets and neighbourhoods

In Gothenburg the major streets are broad and easy to access. It is, however, important to remember that the older parts of the city have streets with cobblestones and stairs. Here you may experience difficulties in accessing some areas. Examples of older neighborhoods are Haga, Linnéstaden, Vasastan and Majorna. Likewise, older residential buildings in these areas may not be equipped with lifts.

En spårvagn i närbild
Credit: Peter Kvarnström

Public transport and transportation services

By tram

There are arrival signs at all tram stops in Gothenburg indicating accessibility on the incoming lines by way of an icon. The newer trams are usually easiest to board at the middle carriage. The older trams are difficult to board because of their high steps. Trams run frequently and there will always be a good option in connection to the route you had in mind. Use Västtrafiks travel planner to plan your trip and view available accessibility options.

By bus

Travelling by bus should never be a problem no matter what disability you may have. Visit and read more about the accessibility of Västtrafiks vehicles.

By boat

Some parts of the public transport in Gothenburg are waterborne. The boats have gangways and there is always a crew member on the foredeck when boarding. It is easy to get in contact with the crew for your specific needs when boarding.

Transportation services

Transportation service is available for booking 24hrs a day. Please visit for more information about fares and rules for the transportation service within the City of Gothenburg.


There is a wide selection of hotels in the city. Most do their best to be fully accessible to all their guests. The major hotel chains follow strict requirements on accessibility and the smaller hotels do the best they can. Before you book your room you may want to directly contact the hotel you intend to book about your special requests in order to get the best service possible.


Most of the public attractions in Gothenburg should be accessible for everyone and are easy to get to.
Major attractions that are open to the public such as Universeum science centre, Liseberg amusement park and the Gothenburg Museum of Art meet up to world class accessibility standards. For more detailed information about the places you want to visit we recommend that you check out their respective websites.


In Gothenburg there are several fully accessible playgrounds. They may have an asphalt or rubber trafficable surface in order to make usage of the amenities easier for everyone. Most of the city’s playgrounds can easily be found on’s website.

Tre personer bada i Härlanda Tjärn i kvällsljus.
Credit: Frida Winter

Swimming areas

The archipelago of Gothenburg is a largely rocky landscape. Before you visit a public swimming area you may want to find out what the site looks like and if there are any alterations made to improve accessibility on site. There is a good range of swimming areas equipped with ramps, accessible toilets and changing rooms. Please read more on about the availability of the city’s outdoor swimming areas.

Public toilets

In Gothenburg it is always good to have a five- or a ten Kronor-coin handy when using a public toilet. Most public toilets charge a small fee to assure regular maintenance and a good hygiene level.

If you have problems with your aid while in town

If you experience problems with your equipment during your stay in Gothenburg you can contact Rehab Shop who can help with rental, sale and advice on various aids. They do not provide repairs, but can help you with advice on who to contact for your specific need.

Here are some apps to download for free!

Anmäl hinder, Fritt Fram and Got Event Tillgänglighet.  

It’s possible to report obstacles in public environments that is affecting your everyday life with the app Anmäl hinder. Help the city to identify lack of accessibility!  

The app is available for Android and iPhone.  

The app Got Event Tillgänglighet was developed to facilitate movements and make it possible to catch every amazing moments in all of the GotEvents arenas. The arena has to be accessible for everyone. Trough the app you can get help with sign language, sight and speech loop interpretation. All you need is a smartphone and a working GPS.  

Download it here for Android and iPhone.   

Tillgänglighetsdatabasen and wheelmap

Visit the website tillgänglighetsdatabasen to take part of what the city has to offer! The website allows you to identify locations, stores and places with accessibility.  

The website shows places in Gothenburg that is accessible with a wheelchair.