Experience craft beer or natural wine

Gothenburg is called Sweden’s beer capital thanks to the city’s many craft breweries. One way to explore the large selection is to visit the breweries where you can try beers straight from the tap. If you prefer a nice wine bar, there are plenty of good options that are perfect to visit for an after-work.

Collaborate in an escape room

Escape rooms have grown immensely popular in the past few years and in Gothenburg there are lots of exciting options to choose from. Go looking for a stolen painting, escape from prisons and asylums, plan a diamond heist or defend yourself against zombies! Here’s a list of escape rooms for every taste and age.

Play boules or arcade games

Boulebar Rosenlund

Playing something with your friends or colleagues and competing for the most points is always a fun activity. At Boulebar, which you’ll find at the street Rosenlundsgatan 8, you can combine playing boule with a nice French dinner. If you are more into classic arcade games à la the 80s, a visit to Zamenhof is a fun alternative, which also has a bar and restaurant section.

Enjoy a nice dinner

For those of you who would rather just sit down and eat and enjoy a piece of good food, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants to book. Gothenburg’s restaurant scene is very much alive and new gems, big and small, open regularly.

Sing karaoke together

Discover Gothenburg’s hidden music scene by visiting one of the city’s karaoke bars. Sing yourself hoarse to a classic from the past in front of an audience, or pass around the microphone among friends in a closed room. Regardless of how (or what) you prefer to sing, there are plenty of karaoke bars to have fun at in Gothenburg!

Art and after-work at Konstepidemin

Experience art together with friends or colleagues! Once a month between 4 and 6 pm there is a vernissage and open studios at Konsteepidemin with after work in the bistro Husette afterwards.