The app Cykelstaden is currently unavailable. Use the bicycle planner tool at or pick up a bicycle map at Gothenburg Visitor Centre.

The app is for those cycling in and around Gothenburg. In addition to service stations and pumping stations, you will also find bicycle parking and a map of the rental bikes Styr & Ställ. You can of course also plan the best cycle route in and around Gothenburg.

Higab – City walk  

With the Higab app you can go on historical city walks in the neighborhood around Gustaf Adolfs Torg and along the main boulevard Avenyn. This way you can make your own city walks between some of Gothenburg’s most exciting houses.

The app is free and available for download on Android and iPhone

Västtrafik Travel planner

Find your journey with public transport in western Sweden. The app helps you find the fastest journey between all stops and addresses in western Sweden and provides information about the most suitable single journey ticket which you can purchase via the app. Futhermore, it offers complete trip presentation on a map,  information about next trip in real-time, accessibility information and more.

The app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

Västtrafik To Go

Västtrafik To Go makes it easier than ever to buy tickets right on you smartphone. You can buy both peroid and single tickets. Regardless the ticket you easily pay by card.

The app is free and available for Android and iPhone.

Got Event Tillgänglighet 

The app Got Event Tillgänglighet was developed to facilitate movements and make it possible to catch every amazing moments in all of the arenas and it has to be accessible for everyone. Trough the app you can get help with sign language, sight and speech loop interpretation. All you need is a smartphone and a working GPS.  

Download it here for Android and iPhone.

Botanical Garden of Gothenburg

Get suggestions for nice and refreshing walks through Gothenburg Botanical Garden with the app. You can also choose to get notifications when various events and activities are started. The guides to choose from are Botanical around, Hälsostigen or Hiking in the wild.

Download the app for Android and iPhone.