In Kaninlandet at Liseberg, Måns Tråk has been at it again and created gigantic slime problems! Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Tremendous fun during the Autumn Break

During the Autumn Break, Gothenburg is full of autumn and Halloween activities. Halloween at Liseberg 7 Oct–6 Nov is a recurring family favourite, where ghosts and commotion ravage the amusement park. The whole family is invited to an autumnal cosy experience and can ride all the park’s autumn-open attractions. Among this year’s novelties is horror house 7, which challenges the visitor in a completely new way, and therefore has a 15-year age limit. There will also be a premiere for the new horror area Demonernas Skugga (The Shadow of the Demons) and a brand-new horror cinema.

1 Oct–6 Nov it’s Creepy Science at Universeum. Make your own slime in the chemistry lab, compete in the vampire quiz, and meet both scary spiders and Halloween-dressed guides around the establishment. In Miniversum, all children between the ages of 3 and 6 are invited to suitably eerie activities.

Even Alfie Atkins Culture House will be haunted, where there will be ghost games, wildly exciting theatre performances and a lot of other “spooky fun” thrills.

Gothenburg’s flight museum Aeroseum also puts on a scary Autumn Break. Spiders and skeletons have moved into the underground hangar and Halloween themed guided tours are given to all children and adults interested in aviation.

Find more autumn break events in our events calendar!

Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Walk in the world’s longest ghost parade

Want something thrilling and spooky to do during Autumn Break? Be part of becoming a Guinness World Records as the world’s longest ghost parade on November 5. Come dressed as ghosts, apparitions, or ghouls – or get help with the ghost make-up on site. The parade starts from Kungstorget at 14.00, goes along Kungsgatan, Kungshöjd, and ends at Esperantoplatsen.

At Kungstorget, in Nordstan and in Haga, children and adults will be able to get help with ghost make-up for a small fee.
The Ghost boat in the Moat is another exciting Autumn Break activity. On November 1, 3 and 5 at 12.00 o’clock, the classic sightseeing boat Paddan will be haunted. Place yourself along the moat – you might catch a glimpse of the boat with lost apparitions and ghosts from Gothenburg’s underground world.


Puzzles and mysteries for young detectives

During autumn, there are several activities that will put one’s deduction skills to the test. You can live out your detective dream in one of Gothenburg’s many escape rooms. Since Gothenburg has the most escape room games in the whole country, there is a large and wide range of them, with something that will surely suit everyone.

The world’s largest floating ship museum, Maritiman, will be shrouded in spy themed mysteries during the autumn holidays. There will be everything from thrilling spy quizzes to captivating Morse code workshops.

Credit: Emma Larsson

Meet “Sommarskuggan” (Summer Shadow) at the “little” film festival

Do you and your children love movies? Then Gothenburg Film Festival Prisma is a perfect autumn activity. From October 26-31, the film festival for children and young people starts. You and your children can see lots of fantastic children’s and young people’s films from all over the world.

In addition, the beloved [and slightly creepy] character Sommarskuggan (Summer Shadow) comes to visit!

Hotel room, Quality Hotel The Weaver.
Hotel room, Quality Hotel The Weaver. Credit: Sandra Larsson, Grafiska byrån

Hotel rooms with an extra Halloween feel

Do you want to try living with ghouls, lost souls, and creepy spiders? Then you must pay a visit to one of the eerie rooms at Quality Hotel’s five hotels in Gothenburg. Experience a creepy (but cosy) family experience during Halloween and Autumn Break and stay overnight if you dare! You can also join in on a ghost hunt or have dinner in hair-raising forms. Of course, there are also ghost-free hotel rooms to book in Gothenburg!