There are many worthwhile destinations both in and around Gothenburg that are perfect for a day trip from Gothenburg.

A family having picnic in the garden of Gunnebo Castle outside Gothenburg.
Credit: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

Visit a historic castle or fortress

The 18th century castle Gunnebo House and Gardens in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg, is a popular cultural and historical destination year-round. You can stroll in the garden, enjoy delicious food in the environmentally certified restaurant, or take a guided tour of the castle.

The design of Tjolöholm Castle in Kungsbacka, south of Gothenburg, is an exciting blend of English 16th-century, Art Nouveau, and the most modern innovations of its time. Today, the castle is a popular tourist destination with exhibitions, activities, and a restaurant (and for those who want to experience the settings from the movie “Melancholia”).

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In Kungälv north of Gothenburg, you can visit two of the regions mightiest historic sights. At the highest point of Marstrandsön, Carlstens Fortress sits on its pinnacle. It has protected the small wooden town below and today the fortress is a captivating place to visit.

Credit: Per Pixel Petersson

Bohus Fortress has been designated as one of the “seven wonders” of West Sweden, and this mighty ruin is a popular tourist destination. The fortress not only offers a unique history and grand architecture but also provides opportunities to play, learn and dine in an authentic and culturally rich environment.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

Spectacular light walks

Alingsås traditionally invites you to the lighting design festival Lights in Alingsås from October 6 to November 5. Here, lighting designers from all over the world gather to illuminate urban environments along a two-kilometre trail.

One of this year’s autumn and winter highlights is the enchanting experience called Winter Lights at Gunnebo House and Gardens. From November 17 to January 7, you can enjoy a completely unique light and sound walk through a 1.5 km long trail in the castle’s surroundings.

Credit: Ocean Bus

Guided tours on water

Do you want to experience Gothenburg from both land and water in one single vehicle? Ocean Bus offers a unique guided tour that starts on land, passes by Gothenburg’s sights, and then drives straight down into the river Göta älva for an excursion under the bridge Älvsborgsbron and around the city’s quays.

Gothenburg has many landmarks and a rich and exciting history. Iconic for the city, is the old moat and canals from the 17th century, which embrace central Gothenburg. This autumn you will have the opportunity to see all this onboard the signtseeing canal boats Paddan canal boats.

Credit: Peter Kvarnström

Lobster safaris and the archipelago in autumn attire

The lobster season begins at the end of September and lasts until November. There are several operators that organize lobster safaris, including Kastor Boat Trips, Havskatten Hotel and Hostel, Hönö Boat Tours, and Marine Events, all departing from Hönö, as well as Kajkanten on Vrångö.

Gothenburg’s archipelago is a fantastic experience all year round, but in the autumn, you get especially close to nature and the forces of the sea. If you want to explore the sea and the archipelago on your own, there are opportunities to rent kayaks at several places, including Styrsö, Björkö, Donsö, and Vrångö.