Credit: Ingmar Jernberg/Göteborgsoperan

Cultural experiences for young and old alike

Culture is synonymous with Gothenburg, which has a rich history of both major and minor, but nonetheless significant, cultural events. Kulturnatta (Culture Night) is held annually and is a festival described as a cultural bonding party for everyone, by everyone. During Kulturnatta, theaters, museums, libraries, galleries, studios, cinemas and cultural centers are open in the evening for everyone and everything is with free entry.

For young film lovers, Gothenburg Film Festival Prisma is a perfect autumn activity. This film festival for children and young people takes place 25 – 30 October.

During the autumn you can experience spellbinding concerts and musicals at Gothenburg’s Concert Hall. On September 15, for example, you can hear the triumphant Fifth Piano Concerto by Beethoven, called the Emperor Concerto, conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

The Gothenburg Opera also shows magical shows such as Wicked, about the fantastic story about the witches in Oz. If you want to see something exciting, the thriller opera Mytomania is shown between 8 October and 9 November.

For those interested in art, the twelfth edition of Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art opens its doors on September 16. Under the title forms of the surrounding futures, the upcoming biennale reacts to the sense of permanent crisis that prevails in the world today. By bringing together a diversity of artistic perspectives that challenge the dominant patterns of thought that maintain the status quo, the biennale opens up to see our contemporary times as filled with opportunities for change. The art biennale runs until November 19.

The 2023 Gothenburg Book Fair will be the 39th in a row at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg. In the run-up to 2023, the Book Fair is stepping up its investment in skills development and special programs for the teaching professions, including the launch of a new, specially targeted preschool stage. Jewish culture is the main theme of the year and numerous seminars will explore decisive events in Jewish experience with focus on the universal aspects of the multifaceted Jewish culture as expressed in literature, philosophy, film, music and in contemporary life.

On Friday 29 September at 7 pm, the Gothenburg Book Fair by Night also opens with a festival area at the fair, with five bars and four stages. This year, literature, culture, humour, parties and music are promised.

Shimmering shows and shiny concerts

Autumn really is the time to settle down in the salon and be drawn into a wonderful musical, show or concert.

Shown at Park Lane, the Legends show takes you on a journey through time celebrating some of the world’s most legendary artists and their music.

During the autumn, Lorensbergsteatern offers a variety of exciting performances. For example, Triple & Touch celebrates 40 years, and in addition En jäkla massa schlager (A lot of schlager) is also shown.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, the popular live podcast Wahlgren & Wistam is shown, or watch one of Sweden’s sharpest and most spot-on comedians, Nour El Refai, perform stand-up with the show Nour El Refai – säger skämt i ca 75 minuter.

Liseberg offers cultural experiences for all ages. A lot of wonderful concerts and shows are held at Lisebergsteatern during the autumn. Even this year, the Rondo arena has also been rebuilt into a Greek tavern, to set the perfect atmosphere and the best way to experience Mamma Mia! The Party. Enjoy a Mediterranean menu with accompanying atmosphere combined with ABBA’s songs and a party that never ends!

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