Sweden’s fifth largest island has more than riverside walks and sauna sessions to offer. A bus or tram ride away, you’ll find secluded rocks by the sea, breathtaking views and wide-ranging nature areas. Closest to the city centre is the park Hisingsparken, with barbecue sites at Slätta Damm and Kättilsröd. Hop on a tram towards Biskopsgården and explore the forest around Svarte Mosse, where you’ll also find public barbecue sites to use. A bit further north is the wetland park Hökälla that, besides a barbecue site, offers a stunning view over Gothenburg – you can even see the red-and-white contours of the “Lipstick” building from here. Torslanda, which covers the southwest part of the island, has several perfect spots for a barbecue party – Torslanda-RödSillviksbadet and Hälleviks badplats to name a few.

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Northeastern Gothenburg

Vättlefjälls nature reserve is one of the largest nature areas in the region. Here you can hike one of the many trails, paddle through the lakes, spend the night in a shelter and, of course, cook a nice meal on the campfire. It’s easy to get here by bus from Angereds centrum and in Vättlestugan there is a canoe rental. If you instead take the tram towards Bergsjön, you’ll find barbecue sites by the mighty cliffs that fringe the popular swimming spot Bergsjöbadet.

The Delsjö area

In eastern Gothenburg you’ll find the popular nature area around the continuous lakes Stora Delsjön and Lilla Delsjön, with winding trails, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, piers and a beachvolley court. There are several access points to the area, you can either take a short walk from tram stop Töpelsgatan, or catch bus number 17 to Härlanda tjärn. There are lots of barbecue sites, at DelsjöbadetStora Torp and around Lilla Delsjön to name a few.

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Western Gothenburg

In western Gothenburg, there are several nature areas to choose from. Ruddalen, with exercise trails, skating rinks and frisbee golf, is easily accessible with the tram towards Frölunda. There is a barbecue site at Slottsbergs mosse where you can prepare and enjoy a warm open air meal. In th popular nature area Änggårdsbergen next to Gothenburg Botanical Garden, you’ll find a barbecue site at Trindemossen. Perhaps you prefer a seaside view? Then there are plenty of options, for instance at AskimsbadetSisjöns badplats and Oxsjön in the Sandsjöbacka nature reserve.

A few friendly reminders

Never start a fire when there is a fire ban in the region, and don’t make a fire on or right next to bare cliffs since the fire will damage them. Always keep enough water on the barbecue site and don’t forget to put the fire out when you’re done. Throw any garbage at the designated spots or bring it home with you.

Nothing that suits you? Check out even more barbecue sites at The City of Gothenburg’s map.