Women’s week at the Museum of Mölndal

The Museum of Mölndal celebrates international women’s day by focusing on 100 years of women from Mölndal. The week consists of seminars, film screenings, exhibitions, “women’s bingo” and a lot more.

International women’s day at Blå Stället Culture Centre

Blå Stället Culture Centre in Angered north-east of the Gothenburg city centre has a proud tradition of celebrating international Women’s Day, and this year the program is dedicated to the theme of 100 years of democracy. The program includes lectures, songs and music, starting at 6 pm on March 8. Admission is free.

A musical tribute to women at the Gothenburg city theatre

Ida Görsch returns to the Gothenburg city theatre with part two of her tribute to historical women, “Åh, ni fantastiska kvinnor” (Oh, you amazing women!). A lunch performance, featuring the music of Kai Gullmar, Marie Fredriksson, Dolly Parton och Clara Schumann and many more, premiering on March 8, doors open at 11.30 am.