The streets Magasinsgatan and Södra Larmgatan – one of a kind toy stores and nursery design items

The area around Magasinsgatan has several great toy stores and shops for kids and toddlers. Södra Larmgatan is home to the colourful toy store Krabat & Co, where you’ll find traditional toys that encourage creativity such as costumes, doll houses, stuffed animals, wooden toys and more. They sell a wide range of organic toys, as do their neighbour Tummelisa.

Big Baby is located on the same street, with a large selection of strollers, furniture, baby carriers and more on offer. While you’re in the area, make sure not to miss the toy- and interior design shop Lilla Rummet, packed with popular Swedish and Scandinavian brands.

Mini Rodini offers a range of colourful, sustainable clothes on the street Vallgatan in the city centre.

The streets Vallgatan and Korsgatan – Swedish and International favourites

The children’s clothing stores are all lined up at Vallgatan, starting with incredibly popular Mini Rodini. Their range of colourful, sustainable and organic clothes is available on Vallgatan 25. One of Gothenburg’s three Polarn & Pyret shops is located just a little bit further down the street.

Make sure to duck into By Lelou on Vallgatan 9, with clothes and toys made from recycled and organic materials. At the adjacent street Korsgatan, pop in to popular shoe manufacturer Kavat for a wide range of sustainable and ergonomic footwear for everyone from toddlers to grown-ups. Naturkompaniet  is located  few shops down, stocking the popular backpack Mini-Kånken from Fjällräven.

Villervalla has three shops in Gothenburg with non-toxic colourful children’s clothes.

Books and retro in the neighbourhoods of Haga and Linné

The children’s clothing store Omnes on Mellangatan 6 in Haga sells many local brands that all focus on sustainability, functionality and unisex-styles, includings Kollabah, Ossoami, Marloe Jr and more. Retro-inspired Villervalla has as shop on Haga Nygata 22 (and another one on Korsgatan 5), as well as an outlet store at Landsvägsgatan 3, also in Haga. On Landsvägsgatan you will also find organic and playful children’s clothing brand Filemon Kid.

The area is also home to two must-visit book shops. Bokskåpet, located on Tredje Långatan 29 is a favourite for young avid readers, with a great selection of children’s and young adults books. Björnen och Boken (the bear and the book) located at Prinsgatan 8 has, as the name suggests, plenty of arts and craft-books and stuffed animals to offer.

Borrow toys from the Toy Library

Sweden’s first toy library recently opened in the neighbourhood Majorna. It’s a sustainable and budget friendly option, and memberships are available for a full year or on a pay by week-basis (for visitors). Read more at the Toy Library’s website, where you’ll also find the full terms and conditions.