Christmas at Liseberg. Credit: Frida Winter/Göteborg & Co

Christmas at Liseberg

Christmas at Liseberg is for many one of the highlights of Christmas, which is easy to understand. This year, Liseberg opens the gates to the brand new Tomtebyn. A completely new themed area in the park, that will be home to a multitude of mischievous gnomes and Santa himself. An adventurous village with magical doors, mischief, rhymes, and tinkling bells. Christmas at Liseberg is open from November 19 to December 30.

Make sure not to miss Christmas break at the Amusement Arcade! After the rest of the park closes down for the season, the Amusement Arcade in Liseberg stays open a bit longer. Quench your arcade and game thirst on the last week of the Christmas break. Open every day between January 2 – 8.

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium. Credit: Kristin Lidell

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium

Finally, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium has opened its doors again, to children and adults alike! The new underground aquarium is twice the size of the previous one and contains kelp forests, fish, and fully living corals. There is also a public laboratory, where you can be a marine scientist for the day. At the museum, you will also find two completely new exhibitions for young visitors, Knattegatt (0 to 3-year-olds) and Stora Blå (4 to 10-year-olds). Here, you get the chance to experience and get to know the sea through learning, play, exploration, and collaboration. From December 10, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium is open weekly Tuesday through Sunday, with risk of discrepancies on public holidays.

Create your own holiday cards at the Gothenburg Museum of Art! Credit: Hendrik Zeitler

Games and crafts at the museum

Visit the creative craft studio at the Gothenburg Museum of Art during Christmas break. Here you can make holiday cards for loved ones or a personal picture as a Christmas present for yourself. Open daily between December 27 and January 8.

The Museum of Gothenburg is a great place for young visitors to explore. Climb high-rises, crawl through tunnels, build a castle or go on a tram ride. The museum, with its own Children’s Museum, is open daily between December 27 and January 8.

Young and old alike are welcome to jump, dance, and do anything besides standing still at the Museum of World Culture‘s Babydisco. There, DJ Mimus delivers songs that everyone can dance to!

From December 17 until January 8, you can go on a guided quiz walk at the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History and meet animals from classic fairy tales, such as Pippi, Pelle No-Tail and Nils Holgersson. The quiz walk consists of eight questions, starting with the zebra in the mammal hall and ending among the owls in the corridor with Swedish birds.

Credit: Frida Winter/Göteborg & Co

Sledding and ice skating

Two classic and popular Christmas activities are sledding and skating! Feeling the wind against your cheeks as you go down the hill is an unbeatable feeling, no matter how old you are. There are slopes to ride sleds down in several places around Gothenburg, often in connection with playgrounds, but we are especially happy to recommend Bragebacken in Slottsskogen and Brudarebacken in Delsjön. Don’t forget to bring your own sled!

Go ice skating with your family at one of Gothenburg’s ice rinks, such as Angered Arenas. Also, don’t miss Ruddalen’s newly renovated ice rink, which is planned to open in time for the Christmas holidays. As the different ice rinks’ opening hours can vary during Christmas, we recommend double-checking the website before visiting. Keep an eye on Ruddalen and other ice rinks’ opening hours here.

Credit: Jens Kristensson

Peter Pan & Captain Hook

The family show Peter Pan and Captain Hook floats into Lisebergsteatern to sprinkle fairy dust over the Christmas holidays. Join Peter Pan to the land of Nowhere and experience the classic family adventure, where the boy who doesn’t want to grow up battles the infamous Captain Hook together with the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinker Bell. Recommended for ages five and up. See the performance at Lisebergsteatern between December 16 and January 8.

Children’s theatre at Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre. Credit: Amanda Andréas

Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre

The Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre, located in the Garden Society of Gothenburg, offers children’s and puppet shows during the Christmas holidays. Let your youngest family members enjoy Alfie’s stories in a fun and kid-friendly environment. Open daily between December 27 and January 8, except for December 31.

Create with Kreativa Karin at the Museum of Mölndal. Credit: Karin Andersson

Day trips outside Gothenburg

On December 28, everyone is invited to create fun party decorations together with craft designer and children’s book author Kreativa Karin at the Museum of Mölndal. For two hours, you get to create your own useful party items to take home to the approaching New Year’s celebration! Secure a spot by registering in advance on the museum’s website.

Explore Museum of Lödöse’s exhibitions and feel how the Middle Ages come alive around you at the site of one of Sweden’s first medieval towns. In the newly opened exhibition – THE LAB, you can learn how scientists and archaeologists work to uncover the mysteries of history and the secrets of the past. All exhibitions are accessible to both children and adults. The museum has free entry – here everyone is welcome to step into medieval history.

Find more Christmas break activities in our events calendar!

Credit: Thomas Carlén

Tjolöholm castle in Kungsbacka is another beautiful castle environment worth experiencing. The estate is also the Nordic region’s foremost arts and crafts facility, located on a vast peninsula. The castle is open December 25 – 30. Tjolöholm’s miniature castle estate for children, gift shop, and Kafé Manegen are open between December 25 and January 8 for cosy family adventures.