Here we’ve gathered tips on how to make it both convenient and easy to be the thoughtful gift-giver, all while making an effort for a more sustainable planet and a more circular and small-scale Christmas.

Repair your loved ones clothes

What’s a more thoughtful gift than repairing that beloved garment or item your close one never has time to mend themselves? Repairing and taking care of our belongings is also a great way to reduce consumption and conserve natural resources.

Nudie Jeans – denim to take care of

One of the world’s most famous jeans brands, Nudie Jeans, was founded in Gothenburg in the early 2000s. The collections, which now include everything from accessories to jackets and t shirts, are made of 100 percent organic cotton in a transparent and fair chain of production. If your jeans are worn out, Nudie will repair them fror free in one of their shops. To mimimise your environmental impact (as well as the impact on your wallet), choose a pair of worn jeans from the project Re-use. An extra thoughtful Christmas gift is also to repair your loved one’s favorite jeans. Take them to Nudie’s repair shop in the store and get them fixed, completely free of charge!

Repair or create something new at the charity Stadsmissionen 

Stadsmissionen has several second-hand stores in Gothenburg and in its surroundings, including areas like Angered, Stigbergstorget, Svingeln, and Frölunda. In their store in Arkaden shopping center, there’s a curated selection of second-hand items. Here, garments are also transformed into new designs, and you can get assistance in fixing your beloved piece of clothing.

Environmental friendly outdoor gear and clothing

For those interested in outdoor activities and nature, there are several brands and stores in Gothenburg that offer clothing and products with extra consideration for avoiding the spread of chemicals, conserving natural resources, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Tracks Recycle – a store for nature lovers

The large and well-stocked shop, Tracks Recycle in Majorna, sells and accepts clothing and equipment for outdoor sports and outdoor activities. They sell gear for hiking and camping, skiing and snowboarding, running, cycling, surfing, skateboarding, and climbing.

Credit: Jonas Kullman

Icebug – the world’s first climate positive outdoor shoe

Shoes or boots from Icebug is the perfect Christmas gift to the runner or outdoor person. The company became the first ever outdoor shoe company that created a climate positive product. They are still working step by step to improve their shoes – and minimise the carbon footprint. You’ll find Icebug’s shoes at their own concept store in central Gothenburg, or in one of Naturkompaniet’s three shops.

Houdini helps you shop sustainably

In the Houdini Hub store at Magasinggatan 22, you’ll find a selection of both new and recycled options of their durable outdoor clothing. Houdini is committed to ongoing sustainability efforts, focusing on recycling materials and using biodegradable and PFAS-free textiles.

Learn more about Houdini here.

Go for second hand gifts

If you have vintage rarities, fun toys or unique design items on your Christmas gift list, you have a large selection of shops in Gothenburg with personal and selected second hand.

Among Gothenburg’s many Christmas markets, there are also several that sell selected second-hand and design items, for example the sustainable Christmas market December 1–3, and HDK-Valand’s Christmas Market, December 16–18 in Gothenburg’s oldest buildning Kronhuset.

Erikshjälpen Rosenlund – 550 square meters filled with pre-loved items

Erikshjälpen Rosenlund is located in the charming Rosenlund area and is a large, centrally located second-hand store with a well-curated selection. Here, you can find gifts in the form of clothing, children’s items, home decor, and crafts.

Björkåfrihet – playful second hand shop

At Björkåfrihet in Linné, you can find retro-inspired fashion for women, men, and children, as well as glassware, porcelain, and books. Its shop windows are known for being well styled, so maybe you can find some inspiration for a gift there?

Juno Juno for designer vintage shopping

Across the street from BjörkåFrihet, you’ll find the thoughtfully curated second-hand store, Juno Juno. The owners of the store (which also exists in Berlin) search for quality vintage and timeless design throughout Europe, allowing you to discover unique clothing, shoes, and accessories here.

Arkivet focuses on trendy clothes and accessories

At the square Järntorget, you’ll find Arkivet, a secondhand store specializing in modern clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. Here, you can discover Christmas gifts from well-known brands such as By Malene Birger, Acne Studios, and Ganni, as well as gems from popular chains like Arket, Cos, and Zara.

Read more about Arkivet here.

Credit: Forum Göteborg Credit: Forum Göteborg

Forum Göteborg brings small businesses together

Forum Göteborg is the city’s newest marketplace for vintage, antiques, design, art and fashion. Here, you can buy unique Christmas gifts from around 30 businesses, including the furniture vintage store Easy Living, the wood company CustomWood and the ceramics dealer Brinktime. You find Forum Göteborg in a 1,500 square meter premises in Gamlestadens fabriker.

Credit: Emma Backman / Göteborg & Co Credit: Emma Backman / Göteborg & Co

Several shops also have a mix of new small-scale design and second hand – for example Aplace on Magasingsgatan, Weekday on Kungsgatan, and Polarn. O Pyret on Vallgatan.

Explore our guide to second hand and vintage shops in Gothenburg at the link below!

Give the gift of a shared experience!

Perhaps the best Christmas gift is something to experience together? In 2024, Göteborg offers a plethora of fantastic and unique opportunities to witness world-class sports, music, and culture. How about taking your sports-loving friend to the Junior World Championship in ice hockey from December 26, 2023, to January 5, 2024? Or treating your cinephile relative to the Göteborg Film Festival from January 26 to February 4, 2024? Below, we provide some recommendations for events that could become this year’s favorite gift.

Credit: Ingmar Jernberg / Göteborgsoperan Credit: Ingmar Jernberg/Göteborgsoperan

If you plan to visit Gothenburg several times during the year or want to buy a present for someone who lives here, an annual pass or subscription to one of Gothenburg’s cultural institutions is an appreciated Christmas present! Gothenburg’s concert hall has several different types of subscriptions for both seasoned and new concertgoers. Gothenburg’s museum card gives unlimited entry to the Museum of Gothenburg, the Gothenburg Museum of Art, The Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft and The Maritime Museum and Aquarium. The Gothenburg Opera also has popular subscriptions, and a variety of gift packages.

Small-scale children’s stores

Little Karin – charming toy store in Haga

At Little Karin, you’ll find both unique and traditional toys – ranging from wooden toys and teddy bears to children’s room decor. An extra bonus is their cute gift wrapping. You can find Little Karin on the main street in the cozy Haga district.

Bokskåpet – independent children’s and young adult bookstore

Books are always an appreciated gift for bookworms and little ones. At Bokskåpet, you’ll find modern litterature, classic children’s books and craft toys. Bokskåpet is located in Linné but you can also visit its sister bookstore named “Lilla Bokskåpet” on Danska vägen in Lunden.

Small-scale and locally produced

Eduards Accessories – iconic handbags

Store and studio in Linnéstan offering handcrafted bags and accessories, including the iconic Näver collection in woven leather. The products are crafted from locally sourced, vegetable-tanned leather by artisans in Småland and Västra Götaland.

Eguale – fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate

If you’re not sure what to get a loved one for Christmas, something to eat is always a safe choice, and Gothenburg based Eguale have plenty of edibles to offer. Their vision is a trade that is fair to everyone involved, all the way from farmer to consumer, and they’ve been working with fair trade and organic production since 1976. Besides in Eguale’s own web shop, you’ll find their coffee, tea and chocolate in supermarkets Ica and Coop, special stores and fair trade shops.

Maska – high-quality knitwear

Didn’t have time to finish that Christmas sweater for grandpa? No worries, just swing by Maska’s shop on Fjärde Långgatan, where you’ll find comfy knitwear (and more) in natural fibres that will last for many winters to come. Sustainability is in focus throughout the company, who have taken the yarn quality and elaborate patterns of the hand knitting world and made them commercially available.

Butik Kubik – small-scale produced clothing and jewelry

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for someone who likes retro-inspired clothes with a lot of color? Then you should check out Butik Kubik on Linnégatan. In addition to self-designed clothes with the label Kubik, the store offers clothes and jewelry from independent designers who all have ethical and environmentally sustainable production.