Credit: Performance photo from Bröderna Mozart. Photo: Mats Bäcker Credit: Föreställningsfoto från Bröderna Mozart. Foto: Mats Bäcker

Bröderna Mozart at Folkteatern

At the Folkteatern, Bröderna Mozart, Suzanne Osten’s Golden Horn award-winning film from 1986, is turned into a theater performance. The film, and now the performance, is about a director’s chaotic path to the premiere. Read more here.

Nuckan at Folkteatern

Under the direction of Nina Haber, Malin Lindroth’s acclaimed novel Nuckan has become a theater performance at the Folkteatern. Here, the position of the constantly excluded woman and the unchosen loneliness are explored. Read more here.

Karin de Frumerie. Photo: Aorta

Hamlet at the Gothenburg City Theatre

With a deep love for Shakespeare, Kristina Hagström-Ståhl directs the play of plays in a musically driven new translation. A set that wants to transcend the boundaries of history and at the same time capture our own moment in time.

Anna Vnuk är bastarden at the Gothenburg City Theatre

Anna Vnuk does not know her father. She has never done that. Quite frankly, she is an unwelcome guest in his life. After 49 years of avoidance, now is the time – she will try to make up with someone who is not there. It is an era that will go to the grave and we will say goodbye to the shame of being elected. But witnesses are needed, people to share the ceremony with.

Wicked. Photo: Lennart Sjöberg

Wicked at the Göteborg Opera

The musical Wicked tells the story of what happened in the land of Oz before Dorothy got there (in the classic film The Wizard of Oz), from the perspective of the two witches. How mismatched friends Elphaba and Galinda found each other, became the evil and the good witch respectively, and managed to defeat the tyranny of the evil wizard. It’s a story of alienation, courage and love, told with magic, imagination and great music. Several of the songs, including “Defying gravity”, have become big hits.

Vaults of heaven at the Göteborg Opera

The Göteborg Opera’s Danskompani involves two popular cultural phenomena: choreographers Yoann Bourgeois and Emma Portner. They work with artists such as Pink and Harry Styles, perform at unique venues such as the Louvre and the Guggenheim Museum, and are hired by the world’s absolute leading brands. With each new work in Vaults of heaven, they unite around natural forces and flowing fighting spirit.

Swan Lake. Photo: Carl Thorborg

Swan Lake at the Göteborg Opera

The ballet of ballets in legendary choreography signed by Rudolf Nurejev. After his two previous versions of Swan Lake, Nureyev’s production at L’Opéra de Paris in 1984 counts as his definitive and final, with a Swedish premiere at the Royal Opera in 2021. Now comes the chance to see it at the Göteborg Opera – a classic ballet saga about the struggle between good and evil, where love ultimately triumphs over darkness, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s beloved music performed by the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra.

Family Concert: A Fragile Hope

Follow the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra down below the surface and float in beautiful landscapes. Unique film projections by Joakim Odelberg directed by Andrea Östlund and newly written music fill Stora hallen at the Gothenburg Concert Hall in a packed concert. An experience that gives rise to thoughts about the earth, our nature and our animals in both children and adults.

Rabbit Hole at Teater Trixter

Rabbit Hole is a drama-comedy about relationships we fight for and is about Rebecka and Joel who are having a tough time in their relationship and trying to find their way back to the love, intimacy and team they once were. The fact that Rebecka’s sister gets into a bar fight and is pregnant, that their mother constantly gives well-intentioned advice in just about everything, does not make life easier for Rebecka. Joel looks further and further outside the walls of the house in his search for someone who can confirm him.

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