Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra

On their own streaming service GSOplay, the orchestra offers concerts for free on their website and app. The concerts come from the orchestra’s archive and front international guests such as Santtu-Matias Rouvali, Barbara Hannigan and Kent Nagano.


When you cannot visit the opera you can check out HemmaOperan, the opera at home. There you’ll find performances from previous seasons and newly recorded shows. Other than the performances you can watch behind the scenes material from the opera.

Stora Teatern

This theatre offers three different podcasts on their website. Art as Resistance is a series with artists who use their art to change something in society – among the guests we find director Anna Odell, director Ruben Östlund, and rapper Khaled Harara. In Preamble, artists who are soon visiting the theatre talks about artistic processes and current topics. Pop Music Rhymes with Politics is a series of conversations with artists and musical groups who played music and spoke with journalist Anna Charlotta Gunnarsson. The podcasts are in Swedish.


On Atalante Play you can watch over 400 filmed shows in their entirety from the Atalante stage. Choose between dance shows, plays and concerts. In short, you can sit at home and go to Atalante at the same time!


Fjärde Scenen (in Swedish “the fourth scene”) is the theatre’s digital stage where they offer digital performing arts. There is also the streaming service Folkteatern Play where you can find interviews, conversations as well as behind the scenes footage from the theatre.