Gothenburgs nightlife has heaps to offer, so finding the right place can be tricky. Especially if you want to find the less mainstream places off the main boulevard Avenyn. In this guide you will find a selection of classic establishments as well as the alternative venues in Gothenburg.

On and around the main boulevard

Avenyn is both trendy and timeless. Here you will find clubs that have been there forever, where time stands still – except on the dance floor. Trädgår’n is one of Gothenburg’s largest clubs, located in the Garden Society of Gothenburg. This venue hosts major concerts and clubs all year round. During the summer season, the well-known and extravagant club Port Du Soleil takes over the venue.

Bring your night to a different level

Lounge(s) is a ‘one stop shop’ that never disappoints you. Here you can take your night to different levels; room by room, floor by floor all the way up to the rooftop. Lounge(s) offers a wide range of music, decor and bars. This night club is located in the middle of Avenyn and it’s a micro universe for those who do not want to hop between different clubs all night. At Lounge(s) you only need to stand in one queue to get a whole night of experiences.

Park Lane is the club that never sleeps

For those who never get tired of dancing there is Park Lane; the club that never sleeps. Here you will find a mixed party crowd. On Saturdays, the club stays open until 05.00 am and then it opens again on Sunday evening where the hospitality elite meet up for a drink after their long weekend shifts. Park Lane has become an institution in Gothenburg’s club world and is famous for hosting shows and entertainment.

Take your pick among the many dance floors

On Storgatan, just a few dance steps from Avenyn, Yaki-Da is a fusion of the main boulevard’s atmosphere and an underground vibe. Yaki-Da is famous for being a versitile nightclub, with plenty of options offering dancefloors with different genres. Live shows are usually on the schedule and you always find great and party minded DJs by the decks. There is no specific dresscode and audience is mixed.

Beneath sparkling crystal chandeliers

Valand is one of Gothenburg’s oldest nightclubs where people have been dancing since the 1900s. The venue is beautifully framed with old artwork and sparkling crystal chandeliers.

Timesless pubs at Avenyn

If you would like a more familiar feeling to your night out, there are a lot of nice traditional pubs with dance floors and djs. Visit John Scott’s Avenyn where entrance is free of charge and djs play music every Friday and Saturday? For those looking for a calmer night, the Flying Barrel gastropub is a good option where the focus lies in good food and drinks.

Trendy and intimate bars

Why not start your evening with a piece of Italy at Sassi caffè enoteca. This place is always packed with people, but there always seems to be room for more. Good service mixed with delicious food and a friendly atmosphere gives a perfect start to a great night out.

Close to the square Götaplatsen, Locatelli has received many awards in both Swedish and international press for its excellent cocktail menu. This is the place you go for great cocktails, food and deep house music.

Upstairs is the place to start the evening at a slow pace and increase the party atmosphere gradually. And those who want to experience glamor and pulse together with the exclusive crowd, should visit Push, where dusk meets dawn to house music, disco and 80’s hits.

The city centre

Within the moat, next to the famous fish market Feskekôrka, is the North and South American inspired establishment Barabicu. Yes, the name is hard to pronounce but here you will not be disappointed. With great food, carefully crafted cocktails and a wide selection in most beverage categories, this hybrid club restaurant lives up to high expectations on Friday and Saturday nights when djs are playing hiphop, funk-soul and disco.

A classic jazz club with a pumping dance floor

If you’re up for a proper dance, the nightclub Nefertiti, commonly known as “Nef”, is famous for their international artists. Although originally a jazz club, this is one of the city’s most vibrant dance floors. In addition, Nefertiti holds a heavy live music line-up with international artists almost every day of the week.

Salsa on the plate and on the dancefloor

The latino restaurant and bar Tranquilo is everything but tranquil. The restaurant turns into a dance floor after service. This place is full of rhythm and pulse, hot spices and salsa, both on the plate and in the loudspeakers. Dance to South American rythms amongst colourful decor and meet people from all over the world. The semi-secret bar Stranger, on the bottom floor, serves world class cocktails and often arrange special events and drink competitions.

Trendy street Magasinsgatan

On one of Gothenburg’s trendier streets, Magasinsgatan, lies Puta Madre. A must visit if you appreaciate a bar with velvety decor, chandeliers in the ceiling and Scandinavia’s largest tequila range. There is not much dancing to be done, but it should still be seen as the city’s crème de la creme if you appreciate a good bar.

Steamy machinery and dressed up staff at Steampunk Bar

A bit further up on the street Kungsgatan you’ll find Steampunk Bar. This peculiar place is really a must see if you’re into steam powered machinery and science fantasy. With a wide selection of steaming cocktails and beer from all over the world Steampunk Bar is something quite extra. Their food menu varies according to season and there is always a nice food platter to order from the bar.

LGBT+ bars and clubs

Bee Kök & Bar is located in the charming Saluhallen. The bar names itself  ‘straight friendly’ and welcomes everyone to the dance floor. Gretas is one of Gothenburg’s most popular gay clubs. Musically it’s a mix of everything from house to schlager music.

By the square Järntorget

At Järntorget, Pustervik is always ready for a party with live music. The club has, under different names, been part of Gothenburg’s entertainment scene since the 1920s and often book famous artists. Several of the shows can be found in our event calendar. In the week’s perhaps least fun day, Monday, the Table Tennis Club is held at Pustervik. It’s just as it sounds, a highly appreciated mix of table tennis, beer and dance.

Right next to Pustervik you’ll find the bar and restaurant Folk, with natural wines and a focus on organically grown ingredients.

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/Göteborg & Co.

Långgatorna – a hub for alternative and relaxed nightlife

On the other side of Järntorget you will find Andra Långgatan. A favourite for music fans is Dirty Records, where you can browse among vinyl’s and have lunch during the daytime, towards the evening you can also drink locally brewed beer and enjoy vegetarian food inspired by the Mediterranean. A little further along Andra Långgatan you’ll find Holy Moly, a popular hangout spot with live shows and a Mexican-inspired menu.

At Tredje Långgatan, the prallell street to Andra Långgatan there is a neat selection of trendy beer and wine bars. Apart from serving excellent dim sum, Made in China there is often resident djs in the house spinning records after dinner service.

View of the harbour, rock concerts and karaoke at Henriksberg

Between Linnéstaden and Majorna is the club Henriksberg, hosting 90s nostalgia, hard rock and punk under the same roof. In addition to a panoramic view of the harbour from the roof terrace, you can play pool, go to a concert or just dance the night away.

On and around Stigbergstorget

Over the years, Stigbergstorget has become a feature to be reckoned with in Gothenburg’s nightlife. Here you can easily spend an evening filled with live music, DJs, food, and drinks.

At the square Stigbergstorget you will find Moreno Pizza and their large rooftop terrace with a great view of the city, a restaurant that is said to be the world’s largest pizzeria. A stone’s throw away lies the cultural centre and restaurant Oceanen, which invites you to both concerts and cosy dinners. On the other side of Stigbergstorget you will also find Skeppet GBG, a concert venue and restaurant located in Sjömanskyrkan’s old premises and Fyrens Ölkafe that often offers exhibitions and concerts with local artists.

A short walk down the hill from Stigbergstorget towards Majorna there’s even more options when it comes to bars and restaurants. Here you will find Utopia Jazz, where you can enjoy your dinner to the tunes of live jazz, and on the other side of the street you will find Diket, perfect for those of you that enjoy sharing friendly-menus and wine on tap. Just around the corner lies Stigbergets Shangri-La where you can botanize among the local brewery’s beers.