Having arrived at Gothenburg Central Station, or any central station really, it is important to think fast and make a firm decision concerning your first destination. Your throat is soar, your back aches, your ears itch and your feet are probably swollen. This is not the time to go looking for that “absolute must” in the outskirts. No, you need something close and you want to get there on foot.

Nordic cuisine 250 metres from the train station

You’re hardly off the train before you run into the Nordic flavours of Noot Nordik Kitchen! Tasty and climate-friendly meals are on the menu, and the restaurant tries to minise waste by utilising left overs in creative ways.

A great wine/espresso bar 550 metres from the train station

Bar Centro is the nicest little Italian bar north of Milan and a great place to start (or end) any visit to Gothenburg. Make your way here and grab a glass of natural Savagnin or what is currently in the fridge under the counter. There’s not an abundance of chairs but during summer it is nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. In the evening, the café is transformed into an ambitious little restaurant serving  some simple, yet brilliant little dishes.

A tasty bite 1000 metres from the train station

The street Magasinsgatan is a must for anyone who likes to shop, have coffee or just enjoy life in general. Basque is specialised in spanish pintxos (tasty things on bread). Have one or ten. It can be very hard to stop.

A food truck 1100 metres from the station

Even though there can be quite a line to Jinx Food Truck it is definitely worth the wait. The Asia inspired street food is filled with cilantro and big flavours. The vegetarian buns with deep fried tofu is a favourite.

Credit: Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel / Erik Nissen Johansen

An award winning design bar a short boat trip (!) away

One of the best ways to explore Gothenburg is by the public transportation ferry. The boats are really nice and you can sit inside or stand on deck. Get on at the Lilla Bommen stop and hop off at Lindholmenpiren. From there you’ll walk the last bit to Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel and their bar Cuckoo’s nest where you’ll find yourself embraced by a Chesterfield chair. The bar won the European Hotel Design Awards and is truly something else.

A great place when you’ve forgotten to make a reservation

Björns Bar is located in the basement of one of Gothenburg’s Michelin starred restaurants, Koka. At Björns Bar you don’t need to make a reservation (actually you can’t). Just do like the locals and be there in good time when it opens at and you’ll get a table. The menu features Fine de Claire oysters, Steak Tartar and lots of other good stuff.

3 x Tredje Lång

The street Tredje Långgatan is lined with popular restaurants and Kafé Magasinet is popular both day and night. Also, it’s a life saver when they can’t find a table for you at Made in China or Taverna Averna. Go for a pizza or try the autumn sallad, filled with pickled veggies and nice stuff.

3 seafood restaurants that keep it classic

Sjömagasinet is one of Sweden’s most famous seafood restaurants. Great location by the sea gives an extra plus!

Sjöbaren is a relaxed and popular place in the middle of the picturesque Haga neighbourhood that offers simple and tasty dishes that vary according to season and availability.

Fiskekrogen is another classic restaurant focused on serving top quality seafood. An interesting detail is the part of the restaurant called Bifångst (bycatch in Swedish) where there is no set menu and a more innovative approach.

3 restaurants where Asia meets West-Sweden

To combine west Swedish ingredients and flavours with Japanese cooking methods has grown very popular the last couple of years. Here are three places you need to visit.

Chef Hoze Seruda is the poster boy of new Swedish sushi. His tiny restaurant called Hoze only takes 6 guests which makes coming here a pretty unique experience. Make sure to book in advance.

Björk & Bambu, located in the Linnéstaden area, is a semi-hidden culinary gem with some pretty amazing dishes to sample. The 4 to 6 course menus can be paired with either wine or beer packages. Don’t miss the crayfish dumplings!

Vrå is another Japanese/West Swedish match made in heaven. The restaurant is run by head chef Sofia Bodovic Olsson and Rebecca Olsson and located inside Clarion Hotel Post next to the Gothenburg Central Station.

2 equally amazing pizza places 

At Brewers Beer Bar you’ll find more local craft beer than you can possibly handle. And some of the best pizzas you can imagine. Here, a random pizza will have a topping like: cream cheese, pumpkin, old English cheddar cheese, sage, forest mushrooms and hazelnut butter dressing. On top of this, they have one of the best outdoor serving areas in the city during summer.

Ok, so maybe the very best pizza is found in Naples, but BOV (short for “bread and wood”) on Gibraltargatan is not far behind. Choose between Margherita, Marinara and BOV of the day, while enjoying the rustic and cozy atmosphere. Want to try the same thing at home? Choose your pizza ingredients from the adjacent deli and greenery store.

Michelin restaurants that you should check out

There’s more in life than pizza and Gothenburg has six restaurants with one star each in the Michelin Guide. Some of these have been in the game for ages and some are relatively new. What they all seem to have in common is the focus on local ingredients.

3 superb places for great food and (natural) wine

Hole-in-the-wall wine bar Bar La Lune is a must stop for wine enthusiasts. Choose from a continously updated list of unique wines. The menu is inspired by the French cuisine and consists of various appetizers. Get there early if you want a table, but if you don’t mind standing then they’ll always try to squeeze you in! 

At Folk you’ll enjoy amazing seafood and a creative take on vegetarian dishes! They truly beets and cale to the next level. Also: lots of nice natural wines by the glass. 

Trattoria la Strega is an Italian family restaurant with high ambitions when it comes to both food and wine. A favourite among foodies and critics.