Lobster safari and fishing tours

Go hunting for the black gold of the ocean, the lobster. Lobster season starts in late September and ends in November. There are several operators who do lobster safaris, among them are Burfiskarna, Kastor Boat Trips, Havskatten and Marine Events.

Marine Events also arrange several different sea fishing tours. Try your hand at mackerel fishing along the west coast or head further out to sea and try ship wreck fishing on Danish waters. 

Tuna Tours is another operator arranging longer and shorter fishing tours from Gothenburg during spring (April-May) and fall (September-November), going to wrecks and fishing spots in the Skagerrak and within the archipelago.

Credit: Frida Winter

Lake fishing

There are several lakes just a short trip from the Gothenburg city centre. The lakes in the natural areas of Delsjön and Vättlefäll are popular examples. You need a fishing permit if you want to go fishing in the lakes. You can get one called “Gula kortet” which translates to “the yellow license card”. The card is valid in many lakes in the Gothenburg area. On Sportfiskarnas website you will find more information about lake fishing. 

Fishing musem and fish auction

The island of Hönö in the Gothenburg archipelago has a musem where you can learn more about the history of fishing on the west coast.

Gothenburg is also home to the largest fish auction in Sweden. It’s a real spectacle and worth getting up early for. You won’t be able to actually buy any fish at the auction, it’s open for retailers only, but it’s fun to just watch.