SJ, Öresundstågen, MTRX, Västtrafik, Tågab and Vy trains (formerly NSB/Tågkompaniet) are running frequent services to and from the central station in Gothenburg, connecting the city with the Scandinavian capitals Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The journey times are just under 4 hours from Oslo, around 3 hours from Stockholm and 3,5 hours from Copenhagen. The trains from Denmark stop at Copenhagen international airport, making it a convenient option to fly there and catch the train to Gothenburg.

SJ Train – trains run by SJ, Öresundståget, Tågab and others.

MTRX – trains run by MTRX (Stockholm-Gothenburg)

Öresundståg – trains runs by Öresundstågen (Copenhagen-Gothenburg)

Västtrafik – local trains Västtågen

Vy – trains run by Vy (Oslo-Gothenburg)

There are apps that make it easier to plan and book train trips across Europe, here are two of them.

Rail Europe (formerly Loco2), for iPhone and Android.
Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner, for iPhone and Android.


The bus terminal Nils Ericssonterminalen is serviced by long distance and express bus companies like Flixbus and Vybuss. You can easily get travel to Gothenburg from major cities in Sweden and Scandinavia. The journey time is around 3,5 hours from Oslo, 6,5 hours from Stockholm, 3,5 hours from Malmö and 5 hours from Copenhagen.  Travel by bus in West Sweden with public transport company Västtrafik.

When you arrive by car

The European highway routes E6, E20 and E45 pass through Gothenburg, making it easy to arrive by car.

Traffic information and parking

For updated information on events, road works, and other factors that may affect traffic and travel routes, please visit (information in Swedish) or Google Maps.

Gothenburg offers plenty of parking options, including parking garages and street parking. Read more and find parking on or in the app Parkering Göteborg (available for iPhone and Android).

Charging electric vehicles in Gothenburg

Gothenburg’s parking facilities provide many visitors parking spaces where you can charge your electric vehicle. The easiest way to find charging stations is through the Parkering Göteborg app (available for iPhone and Android). In the app, charging-enabled parking spots are marked with a green power plug icon on the map. To charge your vehicle, select “I want to charge” in the parking card section of the app, where you pay for both parking and charging.

In addition to Parkering Göteborg’s chargers, several other providers have installed public charging stations. You can view all registered public charging stations in Gothenburg on the Göteborg Energi charging map service. Hotels that offer charging facilities for their guests provide information about this on their websites.

Congestion tax

Central Gothenburg applies a congestion tax for all cars on weekdays, and the fee is automatically debited by the Swedish Transport Agency. Please visit for information on amounts, operating hours, and payment stations in Gothenburg.

Good things to know when driving in Sweden

  • Swedish roads are toll free (except congestion charge in Gothenburg and Stockholm).
  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • The speed limit is shown in kilometres per hour.
  • Head lights should be used at all times.
  • Winter tyres must be used on wintery roads (snow, ice, slush or frost) and are required by law between December and March.
  • Avoid alcohol completely if you’re driving – Sweden has strict laws against drunk-driving.
  • When driving in the countryside, be careful at dusk and dawn not to hit elks, deer and other game sometimes crossing the road.

More information about driving in winter conditions

The International Drivers Association’s guide to driving in Sweden


The international airport Landvetter (GOT) is located 20 kilometres south-east of the city centre and you can easilty travel from various destinations in Europe and the world.

Airport transfer

It’s easy to get to and from the airport with the shuttle bus service Vy flygbussarna and the journey time is between 25 and 30 minutes. Buses leave from right outside the terminal building and the stop is the main bus station Nils Ericssonterminalen in central Gothenburg or Lindholmen on the island of Hisingen.  Taxi or rental cars are also available at the airport.

Credit: Kjell Holmner

Ferry or cruise

Stena Line is running direct ferry routes Fredrikshavn–Gothenburg and Kiel–Gothenburg. The ferry terminal for Denmark (Fredrikshavn) is located at Masthuggstorget, near the city centre. The ferries to Germany (Kiel) leave from the terminal in Klippan, a little further out in the harbour.

 More information about ferries at Stena Line.

Many large cruise ships stop in Gothenburg and central quays like Amerikahamnen make it possible to get to the city centre with ease. The outer harbour is further away, but shuttle buses are available at the quays.

When you arrive with a leisure boat

Sailors and leisure boat guests can choose between two harbours – the centrally located Lilla Bommen harbour right by the Gothenburg Opera – and one in Långedrag further out in the harbour inlet. Långedrag is the perfect option for easy access to the islands in the southern archipelago, but the city centre is still just a tram ride away. The archipelago and the whole west coast have plenty of guest harbours too.

Good to know

The following information may be useful for those traveling to Sweden and Gothenburg.

Emergency number

Call 112 for urgent help from the Swedish police, ambulance or fire services. 112 is an emergency number called for emergency assistance when there is a danger to life, property or the environment. 112 is for you who require immediate assistance. Advice regarding emergencies can be found here.

For non-urgent police matters

Call 114 14 for all non-urgent police matters, such as providing information or reporting crimes that are not ongoing. If you are calling from abroad or from a foreign mobile in Sweden, please call +46 77 114 14 00. Read more about the Swedish Police here.

Bag ban

Since November 1 2023, there has been a bag ban at major events in Sweden. The decision was made by the Swedish Police Authority based on the current terror threat level. This applies to everyone who plans to visit a concert at Liseberg this summer. Anyone who still brings a bag to the areas where a bag ban applies is in breach of the Public Order Act. When there is a bag ban, the rule is that you may bring a wallet or small toiletry bag that fits in your pocket.

Risk of fire and fire bans

A fire ban can be imposed if the fire risk is high in a particular area. A fire ban means that it is forbidden to light a fire or barbecue in the forest or open countryside. In popular natural areas (walking trails, beaches etc), there may be information on signposts and billboards about whether fire bans are in place. Remember that you have a personal responsibility to find out whether a fire ban is in place. Acting in violation of a fire ban can result in a fine. Find out more about current fire bans here.

Alcohol in Sweden

The minimum drinking age in bars is 18. Some bars and nightclubs might have a higher age limit for entry, sometimes 20 or even 25. The minimum age to buy low-alcoholic beer (containing under 3.5 % alcohol by volume) is 18, and minimum age to buy alcoholic beverages containing over 3.5 % alcohol by volume is 20. Alcoholic drinks that contain more than 3.5 % alcohol can, apart from bars and nightclubs, only be bought at the Swedish Systembolaget.

Electric scooters and bikes

There are several different electric scooter services to rent from in Gothenburg, as well as services to rent electric bikes. When you have found a scooter, you unlock it by scanning the bike’s QR code and can then start it. There are throttle and brake controls on the handlebars.

Keep in mind that:
– stick to bicycle lanes (it is not permitted to ride an electric scooter on a pavement or footpath),
– only one person travels at a time (it is not permitted to transport someone on an electric scooter),
– use a helmet (a requirement if you are under 15),
– if the electric scooter goes faster than 20 km/h, it is no longer classified as a bicycle and may then only be driven within a fenced area.

Passport and visa information

Planning a holiday in Sweden? Find out more about passport and visa information for your visit to Sweden. Please note that we do not have any visa application service at and are not able to assist with your visa application. Please read more here.

Gender Equality

Sweden has long been a strong promoter of gender equality. The overarching Swedish principle is that everyone, regardless of gender, has the right to work and support themselves, to balance career and family life, and to live without the fear of abuse or violence.

Sweden has a law against gender discrimination and a government agency – The Swedish Gender Equality Agency – that implements the Swedish gender equality policy.

Read more about gender equality in Sweden att

VITAL INFORMATION: Please observe that it is illegal to buy sex in Sweden. If you buy sex, you are committing a crime which may lead to a prison sentence. Göteborg & Co is an organisation against purchases of human beings and human trafficking. Read more at the Swedish Gender Equality Agency (Jämställdhetsmyndigheten).