Gothenburg is great for biking. The woods and the lake areas are made for mountain biking and along the coast, scenic country roads stretch along beautiful beaches and fields. If you want to go biking in the archipelago there are great ways to mix relaxation with just the right amount of exercise.

The bicycle map of Gothenburg

Use the map to explore Gothenburg and beyond. Bicycling paths, rental bike stations and stationary bicycle pumps are marked to help you plan your journey. You will be able to pick up the map at the Gothenburg Visitor Centre. Want to plan your own route? Check out the website Cykelreseplaneraren, that shows you the fastest and safest way from A to B.

Styr & Ställ rental bikes

Take the bike from the train station to your office – or leave the car at home for once. Catch a tram in the rain and bike back in the sun – be flexible and cover the last stretch between public transport and your destination with a rental bike from Styr & Ställ. Pick it up and return it at one of the many stations around town, with an easy-to-use app-based booking system.

Rent a bike in Gothenburg

There are many options to choose from if you’re looking to rent a bike while in Gothenburg. Here you will find some of them, but some tour operators and guides also offer rental bikes.

Bikes and public transport

Whether you’re allowed to bring your bike on public transport depends on the type of transport. You can’t bring a regular bike on trams or buses. But a foldable mini-bike, kickbike and balance bike can be brought without any extra fee. On all ferry lines you can bring a bike, but they must be kept outdoors. To ensure a safe distance between passengers, bikes are accepted according to available space, decided by the staff. You can bring a regular bike, foldable mini-bike, kickbike and balance bike on the commuter trains Västtågen if there is enough space. There is no extra fee for this.

World-class mountain biking

Gothenburg offers unique opportunities for mountain biking close to the city centre. Find challenging trails and routes just a few kilometres away from the bustling city streets. Not quite comfortable on your own? Don’t worry, there are plenty of businesses offering guided tours, courses and package deals.