With Gothenburg Art Map, you can use the map to find artworks; or use the search function to find a specific artist, title or date. You can also see which artworks are close to your current position.

Looking for a guided tour? Check out the digital art walks! Use them around town, perhaps with a group of friends, or experience the artworks from home. Here you’ll find three of the walks; Art along the river, Art in Gårdsten and From the Göteborg Opera to Götaplatsen.

At Lindholmen you’ll find Kent Karlsson’s sculpture Tempel för tvivel och hopp. Credit: Jan Peter Dahlqvist

Art along the river

Along the northern riverbank there is a lot of art to admire, and many of the works are large scale ones. From Kent Karlsson’s floating church on the water at Lindholmen, to Ebba Matz veterans monument in the park Färjenäsparken. The walk contains a selection of all the artworks on the northern riverbank.

Here you’ll find the walk Art along the river.

In Gårdsten there are around 20 artworks, like Bror Persson’s concrete sculpture Växtkraft. Credit: Jan Peter Dahlqvist

Art in Gårdsten

In Gårdsten there are around 20 artworks, and they were created together with the public housing programme Miljonprogrammet (Eng. The Million Programme) in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Nine artists shared this commission and the works are created in concrete, iron, copper and steel. They reflect the abstract modernist movement characteristic of that period.

Here you’ll find the walk Art in Gårdsten.

The sculpture Karin Boye by Peter Linde, outside the Gothenburg City Library at Götaplatsen. Credit: Jan Peter Dahlqvist

From the Göteborg Opera to Götaplatsen

On the walk from the opera house by the river to the square Götaplatsen, there are artworks dating all the way back from 1883 to today. The bronze sculpture Såningskvinnan by Per Hasselberg, that was created in 1883, is Gothenburg’s second-oldest one and the first one portraying a women. Discover this one and the 23 artworks that have been added to the passage since then.

Here you’ll find the walk From the Göteborg Opera to Götaplatsen.

More art walks will be added to the Gothenburg Art Map gradually. Göteborg Konst, the City of Gothenburg’s art unit, is responsible for the map and have started producing art walks to highlight public art in Gothenburg.