Credit: Anders Wester

Sustainability in action

In an article by British The Independent, the reporter delves into the many sustainable success stories in Gothenburg. The city is described as a welcoming place, where “incredible ideas can blossom”.

In 2021, Göteborg Film Festival gained international attention through the isolated cinema in the lighthouse Pater Noster. Credit: Erik Nissen Johansen

A world-famous film festival

Göteborg Film Festival have been internationally celebrated for their unique inventions during the past few years, like screenings from inside a coffin and a gynecological examination chair. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, they took social distancing to the extreme in an isolated cinema for one in the lighthouse Pater Noster.

Tacos & Tequila is one of the restaurants mentioned in The Guardian.

One of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe

When British The Guardian named Europe’s “10 coolest neighbourhoods” in 2020, Gothenburg was at the top of the list. “A city that’s easy to love”, said the renowned newspaper.

Gothenburg has “the country’s biggest (and best) beer scene” according to Food & Wine. Credit: Frida Winter

Top-class craft beer

The American magazine Food & Wine celebrates Gothenburg’s craft beer scene. “They aren’t necessarily doing anything different than the rest of the globe, but what sets them apart is that they are doing it extremely well”, says Mike Pomranz.