The program begins with Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival (June 2–­5) and is followed by Prototyping Gothenburg, which will turn the city’s public spaces into an exhibition arena.

Throughout the summer visitors will be able to take part in several anniversary initiatives, such as the celebration of Gothenburg’s 100-year-old institutions. The festivities will reach their final at the events Frihamnsdagarna and Gothenburg Culture Festival.

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Photo: Happy Visuals/Göteborg & Co

Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival

A four-day festival in Frihamnen (2­5 June) to celebrate the city’s 400th anniversary. Come and enjoy music, good food, activities and surprises – right by the water. The party is based on ideas from the people of Gothenburg and is open and accessible for everyone.

Prototyping Gothenburg

Between June 2 and September 3, you can visit Prototyping Gothenburg. This is an exhibition focusing on the challenges in the city, and highlights initiatives that work actively to accelerate sustainable change. The main area is a walking path that stretches from the creative hub, Frihamnen, all the way to the historical neighborhood Kronhuskvarteret. By walking this path, you’ll be able to explore an urban landscape in transition. 

Visit the jubilee website to read more about Prototyping Gothenburg.

Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co

100 years in Gothenburg

In addition to the city’s 400th birthday, several of Gothenburg’s most beloved places are celebrating 100 years in 2023. LisebergaAmusement park, Gothenburg Botanical Garden and Gothenburg Museum of Art are just a few of the famous institutions that were built for the big Anniversary Exhibition in 1923.

Gothenburg’s Anniversary Final

The celebration will reach its final on August 31-September 3 at Gothenburg Culture Festival, Frihamnsdagarna and Göteborgsvarvet Marathon.

An Information Center and Exhibition in the City Center

Moreover, an exhibiton and information center will be open in the park Bältesspännarparken throughout the summer. Here you can go to find inspiration and seek information about the different anniversary events and activities. This spot will also include a stage, which will be showing different parts of the celebration in a smaller format.

Photo: Fine Little Day

Celebrate with cava and a limited edition blanket

For Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, several products have been created by different partners. Why not try the “Gothenburg 400 years” cava, or buy a beautifully designed blanket, to keep as a memory of the jubilee? You find all the products as well as information on where to buy them at the anniversary website.

Three exhibitions showcasing different perspectives on health

In 2022, the focus for the anniversary is “health”. In collaboration with several partners, such as Sahlgrenska University Hospital, University of Gothenburg and the Workers’ Educational Association, ABF, the city of Gothenburg will show three different exhibitions at the mobile outdoor gallery Hela stadens galleri.

The exhibitions will showcase and talk about three areas that are strongly connected to health aging, work and mental illness. In connection to the exhibition periods talks, seminars and workshops will be arranged to make it possible to go even deeper into the theme.

The art exhibition Att bli synlig (28 October–January 2023), focuses on mental illness and creative creation. It showcases pieces that are made by psychiatric patients in the art studios at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The exhibition is curated by Stefan Karlsson and Inez Edström.