Utflyktslekplatsen at Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen.

1. Jubileumsparken

Play and swim in the middle of town! Just next to the Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival you’ll find Jubileumsparken, a Public Bath and the outdoor playground Utflyktslekplatsen that invite you to sun, swim and lots of play. The harbor pool will, among other things, consist of a swimming pool with a slide as well as a jumping and diving pool. At the Utflyktslekplatsen, you can instead have a picnic in the green grass, play among twenty imaginative and colorful play sculptures or just stroll along the large deck by the water.

2. Child-friendly live music

During the Anniversary Festival, several artists will perform on different stages. Many of these performers are child-friendly and offer a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family. Among other things, you can look forward to Nassim Al Fakir and Rix FM Festival, who both visit Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival.

3. Experience the circus and children’s theater

In the Festival area you’ll find a large pink and yellow circus tent where you will be able to see the performance Circus I love you, among other things. Here you can count on swing trapeze, linden dance, breathtaking balance acts and live music. In the circus tent, there will also be the theaters Hur ska det go for Babette, which depicts the exciting life at the circus, and Hovet, which offers a crazy dance performance.

The East Indiaman Götheborg firing a salute.

4. Get on board the East Indiaman

Just in time for the opening of the Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration on June 2, the East Indiaman arrives back in Gothenburg after a voyage in Europe. The celebration begins with a pompous cannon salute, and then the ship docks in Frihamnen and Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival. During the festival, anyone who wants to can board the ship and around the quay you can experience spectacle in true 18th century spirit.

5. Fun activities on the festival grounds

During the festival there will be over 30 fun activities to try. At Upzone Adventure Park, you can, for example, try out the Nattduellen from the Swedish TV show Mästarnas Mästare, test your sense of balance and try walking on a tightrope or challenge the family in giant sack jumping. On the Climbing wall, the Volym Climbing gym offers an exciting challenge in the form of an eight-metre high tower where both adults and children can climb together and see who gets the highest.

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