This charity has stores all over the city – the largest ones are in Alelyckan and Bellevue where you can find a full range of clothing, furniture and decoration items. Some of the smaller ones specialise in different areas, like the shop in Stigbergstorget focusing on books and art. All profit from the stores goes to Stadsmissionen’s projects for helping vulnerable groups in society.


Sweden’s largest second hand chain store, founded by the Salvation Army, has two shops in Gothenburg. In the city centre, close to the square Järntorget, you’ll find the largest one – four floors filled with books, toys, games, household items, clothes and furniture. On the top floor, the clothes are carefully selected and sorted according to decade. Perfect for all those 20s, 50s and 70s theme parties!


Another charity franchise with a large shop on Backaplan and a smaller one on Linnégatan. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Linnégatan shop’s windows and their creative displays, which often deliver a political message. There is a separate section for vintage design items, where it’s possible to make a real steal if you’re lucky.


Sofly want to save the world, one sofa at a time! Based on a sustainable business model, they handle everything from pick-up to furniture cleaning, sales and home delivery. Check out their web shop or visit the store in Västra Frölunda, where you’ll find a wide range of sofas, carpets, lamps and sofa tables.

Beyond Retro

The Beyond Retro store in Gothenburg is packed (yes, literally!) with unique vintage pieces, hand-picked from the US and Canada, from the turn of the century until the 1990s. The store is refilled daily and there is something to suit every taste and style. Looking for something special? Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly and creative staff for advice.

Carefully selected items Pop Boutique.

Pop Boutique

Haven’t got the time to sort through the heaps of clothes in the larger thrift stores in search for the right jacket or pair of sunglasses? Then head to trendy street Magasinsgatan where Pop Boutique has done the job for you! Also, comfortable sofas and pop music makes this a nice shopping hang out for everyone, even the friends who only came along to give you advice.

Majornas saker från förr

Looking for something unique to spruce up your home? Look no further! At this charming shop in equally charming neighbourhood Majorna, you will find everything from dining tables and lamps, to vintage porcelain and plastic lobsters. If you need a coffee break, head to cosy café Matería next door.

Vix Deco

This colourful and playful interior design shop is located at Spinneriet outside of Gothenburg. Here you’ll find a personal selection of beautiful and quirky vintage items such as furniture, lamps, vases and more.

Erikshjälpen Second Hand

In Erikshjälpen’s shops you can find everything from fine coffee cups, glassware and clothes to toys, tools and furniture. Everything has been donated and the prices are kind to your wallet. At the same time, you support children and help to improve the world as all the surplus goes to social and humanitarian efforts in Sweden and abroad.

Holmens marknad

This 800 sqm store regularly collects entire homes to restock. Furniture, clothes, porcelain, glassware, art, tools and records – at Holmens marknad you can find a bit of everything. But make sure you have enough time to browse, it’s easy to get lost among the many shelves. If shopping makes you hungry, try a delicious wrap at Nergiz Kebab next door.


In this little shop at the square Kvilletorget, anyone can rent a shelf and let the shop sell their stuff, a system which keeps the range of clothes and items up-to-date. Stroll around among retro porcelain, vintage clothing, furniture and local artwork while sipping on a cup of coffee from the shop’s café.


A stone’s throw from the park Slottsskogen, you’ll find this little gem filled with carefully picked clothes, accessories and decoration items. The selection focuses on good quality and design, be it a stylish 1960s sofa in leather, a school map of Africa anno 1924 or a small ornamental figure in teak. While you’re in the area, have a drink or a bite at cosy bistro Bang – only a tram stop away.


At Favoretro, located near Redbergsplatsen east of the city centre, yo will find retro and second hand in combination with new products and well-selected craftsmanship. The range largely consists of furnishings, utensils and jewelry. But there are also books, fabrics, furniture and a lot of other exciting things.

The Red Cross Secondhand Shops

The Red Cross, the world’s largest humanitarian organization, are positioned in 119 countries. The Red Cross works globally around the world to help people at risk during crises, wars and natural disasters. This is just the tip of an iceberg, read more here about their efforts and how you can help. In Gothenburg, the Red Cross has two secondhand shops that are based on commitment, participation and volunteerism. In the shop you will find everything from furniture, clothes that suits all occasions and so much more stuff to be found!


Reningsborg is a non-profit Christian organization with a mission to support people when they need a helping hand. Reningsborg runs three large second hand stores, two in Gothenburg and one in Partille, with vocational training and housing for youth and families. All with the purpose of support and to help people both in Gothenburg and abroad.