Anders and Pia Sandberg have written the book Mountainbike kring Göteborg (Mountain biking in Gothenburg) where they guide the reader down steep sloops and dirty single tracks. We asked them for their best tips for a mountain bike trip to Gothenburg.

Mountain biking around Änggårdsbergen

Interview with Anders and Pia Sandberg

First of all: why should you go mountain biking in Gothenburg?

– Gothenburg offers something for everybody. There’s everything from technical biking with roots and rocks to scenic routes with beautiful views. Take the bike from the central station and you’ll be in Änggårdsbergen (one of the city’s most centrally located wildlife areas) in 25 minutes. You can finish the day with after-bike at the Botanical Garden or at the street Linnégatan.

How would you describe biking in and around Gothenburg?

– The hilly terrain and the many outdoor enthusiasts in the city means that there’s a lot of well-treaded foot paths to choose from and combine. Nice pine-forest areas mix with flat granite rocks and there’s always something new to discover.

What kind of bike and other equipment is suitable?

– Depends on what you like. Personally I like all-mountain bikes with full suspension and a not too steep fork angle. This gives you more control and you can go downhill with more power. Others prefer hardtails which give you quicker acceleration and turns. Another good idea is to always bring your repair kit with an extra tube and chain link. And of course money for coffee.

Mountain biking around Delsjön

Anders’ tips

Where do I find the best beginner’s route?

– There’s a nice gravel path in Änggårdsbergen which you can combine with some more or less well-treaded tracks.

Where do I find a really good technical route, suitable for advanced mountain bikers?

– “Getryggen” is a Gothenburg classic, located in the lake area called Delsjön. Here you’ll find roots, flat rocks and rocky areas with nice downhill slopes.

Where do I find a route with lots of speed?

– One of my downhill favourites is the varied flat rock biking at Paradiset. Also, the route at Ugglemossen in the Delsjön area offers excellent flat rocks, long footbridges and some tricky rocks before you reach the café Bertilssons stuga. In Ale there’s also a bike park complete with lift for downhill biking.