Southern archipelago

Café Öbergska on Styrsö.

Café Öbergska, Styrsö

When you arrive in Styrsö, Café Öbergska is one of the first things you see. Sit down in the beautiful garden dining area with a shrimp sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Båtebackens caférestaurang, Styrsö

Seasonally open archipelago restaurant in the old fishing village of Styrsö Tången with a view towards Brännö and Känsö.

Restaurant Knarrholmen, Knarrholmen

Restaurant Knarrholmen is the archipelago restaurant surrounded by the sea. It is also the sea that characterizes the menu, with elements from the best the Swedish forest has to offer. The focus is on well-prepared food and a good atmosphere. Everything is cooked from scratch and when the opportunity arises, the staff are happy to go out and fish their own crabs, lobsters and everything the sea has to offer.

Brännö Varv café och bar, Brännö

Brännö Varv café and bar is a real summer favorite with a surfing feel right by the Brännö Rödsten ferry stop. Here you can also enjoy live music at regular intervals. Open June, July and August.

Kärran, Brännö

Newly opened Kärran is a pink food truck that serves Asian dishes with a Swedish touch, homemade pastries, juices and iced coffee. The food truck can be found on Varpevägen 3 ion Brännö, with a view of Gärdet and the harbour entrance, open April-September. See more on their Instagram.

Le Shack, Brännö

Brännöföreningen has once again leased out the kiosk/café in Husvik to Sebastian Pilups, who here runs Le Shack, ahead of the 2024 season. The café is directly adjacent to the Brännö Husvik ferry terminal. You can get here easily with the boats from Saltholmen – either directly to Brännö Husvik or via Brännö Rödsten. For opening hours and selection see Facebook or Instagram.

Brännö värdshus och pensionat baggen, Brännö

Brännö Värdshus (Brännö inn) is located in the middle of the island in an old house with small intimate rooms and a large outdoor terrace in the garden. Everything from simpler dishes to à la carte with a lot of fish and shellfish on the menu is served here.

Popsicle on Donsö. Credit: Popsicle Café

Popsicle café, Donsö

In the old fire station on Donsö you’ll find the pleasant Popsicle café. Here you can choose from, among other things, Donsöbröd, artisanal ice cream, espresso, cappuccino and retro sweets. During the summer, Popsicle will also be open in the evenings.

Isbolaget, Donsö

Donsö is one of Sweden’s most important ports, but the island is worth visiting for more reasons than that. Isbolaget (The ice company), for example. The old ice warehouse has been transformed into an ambitious restaurant with cozy accommodation.

Hamnkrogen Lotsen Fiskeboa Vrångö, Vrångö

You can find really fresh seafood at Fiskeboa. Take away a bunch of crayfish, shrimp or whatever you fancy. If you’d rather settle down, there’s Hamnkrogen Lotsen, with its dangerously good fish ‘n chips.

Ternan, Vrångö

Restaurant Ternan has a smaller selection of dishes, but which focuses almost exclusively on fish and shellfish. Tasty vegan options are also available. The restaurant also has a dish of the day that is not seafood-based. Here, we work with a few high-quality dishes to keep food waste to a minimum. Read more at

Northern Archipelago

Tullhuset on Hönö Klåva.

Tullhuset, Hönö Klåva

Tullhuset is a seafood restaurant located in the harbour in Hönö Klåva and is a real summer favourite. At their outdoor seating, you are more or less sitting on the rocks with the sea as your nearest neighbour.

Vadbinderiet Kafé & Krog, Källö-Knippla

At Vadbinderiet on Hönö, hot food and cold drinks are served all day long, in premises with old origins from fishing. When the sun has cooled down, visitors can choose from the menu of cooked hot dishes and cool off with a glass of cold beer or wine. Here you can now count on really good fish and chips, prime rib burgers, pasta salad or the tasty pancakes. Read more at

Matjes på Knippla, Källö-Knippla

Matjes på Knippla is a gem in Källö-Knippla where every dish is a guaranteed catch. Here, most things from the sea are served with suitable drinks. Here, among other things, “Archipelago lunch” is served, a nice dish that is created according to the season that the kitchen puts together. The restaurant’s “S.O.S” is a must! Read more at

Öckerö Hamncafé, Öckerö

Cosy cafe on Öckerö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago, which is right next to the quayside. Here you can enjoy both hot dishes, but also coffee in all kinds of forms. Read more on the cafe’s Facebook page or Instagram.

Hälsö Brygga, Hälsö

Hälsö Brygga is driven by a great passion for food enjoyment and good meetings. In addition to that, the café has also expanded operations with Våffelhamnen, which is an ice cream café with a twist. Here, the guest experience and the food are in focus. Read more at

Röröboa Café & Restaurang, Rörö

At Röröboa, you can count on two really good things in terms of food – hamburgers and gelato. Initially, the cafe was supposed to work only with gelato (something they are now known for) but quickly realized that food was also in demand. A kitchen was built and since then Röröboa has become a given place for the hungry on Rörö. Read more at

Rörö Fiskeboa & Krog, Rörö

In Fiskeboa you can buy freshly cooked crayfish, prawns and fish of various kinds. Here they also sell must, chocolate and a few other goodies. At the pub you can enjoy good food and drink. Both lunch and dinner are served here. Read more at

Check In Klova, Hönö Klåva

Lovely restaurant and cafe with outdoor seating in the best location next to the quay. Here you can enjoy home-baked bread, good salads, hamburgers, hot sandwiches and homemade pies with a fantastic sea view. Read more on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Skafferiet, Hönö Klåva

Skafferiet is the Skärgårdshotellet’s restaurant. Here, the concept is simple – really good ingredients served in a lovely environment in a relaxed way. Here, the menu is often varied with a focus on the ingredients that are local and in season. Read more at

Franses skärgårdspub, Hönö Klåva

Franses is located with the sea as its nearest neighbour, and the historical environment with the smell of tar gossips that the premises housed a binding shop for many years and the grain of the floorboards testify to the hard work that was carried out here. Now you enjoy well-prepared food, live music and activities here.

Klova Hamnkrog, Hönö Klåva

At Klova Hamnkrog you get good and well-prepared food that is prepared from scratch. Here, new dishes and flavors are tested before each new menu. Here you can experience well-prepared food for real in the restaurant’s cozy premises and on the outdoor terrace, which usually offers shelter from the sea winds. Read more on the restaurant’s Instagram or Facebook.

Lilling Cottage

At Lilling Cottage you will find beautiful, carefully selected flowers, food and interior design items. The restaurant serves a Mediterranean influenced cuisine, coffee from da Matteo and pastries, all accompanied by a beautiful view of the sea at Hönö Klåva.

Nimbus Öckerö, Öckerö

Delicious lunches and pastries are served here in the café. Here it is also possible to rent cottages located right by the water, with close proximity to all services on Öckerö. Swimming and crab fishing await around the corner!

Stora Oset, Hyppeln

Restaurant Stora Oset is located in the middle of the harbour on the island of Hyppeln in the Gothenburg archipelago. There is something for everyone here – good food, refreshing drinks and a lovely atmosphere. All in a wonderful environment. The restaurant is usually called the pearl of the northern archipelago. Read more at

Restaurang Seaside, Björkö

As the name suggests, you are right by the sea when you visit Seaside on Björkö. With its wonderful sea view, the restaurant is a popular stop for both sailors and families with children.

Hönöbryggeriet on Öckerö.

Hönöbryggeriet, Öckerö

Gothenburg is a beer city and this is also noticeable in the archipelago, where several microbreweries have opened in recent years. One of them is Hönöbryggeri, which has brewed beer on Öckerö since 2014. During the spring and summer, the brewery opens for visits and beer tastings.