Discover Gothenburg’s history and culture through a guided tour! During Gothenburg’s Anniversary Celebration, you will find several different guided tours in the city that will take you on an exciting journey through Gothenburg’s streets and alleys. Below you can familiarize yourself with some selected tours, but also read on to see the entire range.

1. The history of Gothenburg

Why was Gothenburg built as a fortified city and how did a love story in the 19th century contribute to the Gothenburg Museum of Art? You will find out this and much more during the guided tour of The history of Gothenburg, which takes you on a journey from when the city was founded in 1621 right up to the present day. Read more about the guided tour here.

2. Anniversary tours to the Gothenburg archipelago

During the anniversary celebrations in 2023, Styrsöbolaget will run 9 anniversary tours from Stenpiren to some of the islands in Gothenburg’s archipelago. During the trip, there will be a guide on board who will tell you about the archipelago and Gothenburg’s history in both Swedish and English. Once on the island, there will be a festive reception!

3. Around Gothenburg in 80 minutes

It will be a magical journey through time from Gothenburg’s birth in the early 17th century to the emigration to America in the early 20th century. Along the way, actors portray different characters and perform scenes from different time periods. Throughout the journey, you are accompanied by a guide, a time traveler who tells you about the city’s interesting history. Read more about the guided tour here.

4. Guided tours with Göteborgs stadsmuseum

Göteborgs stadsmuseum is going big with both viewings and city walks to celebrate Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary. Join the Jubileumsvandring from Stora Hamnkanalen to Hagakyrkan and hear about how fires shaped the city and how the canals were the lifeblood of Gothenburg. On Stadsvandring: Skansberget you can take part in exciting stories from the mighty Skansen Kronan, and for the adventurous and history-interested family there is the guided tour Familjevisning: Äventyr på Carolus Rex which takes you on a journey to Gothenburg’s high walls where soldiers used to look after the enemy. All viewings and guided tours are free of charge but needs to be booked in advance.

5. Musical walk on Brännö in Lasse Dahlquist’s footsteps

At Brännö Brygga you can walk in the late Lasse Dahlquist’s footsteps up the island. Lasse was a famous Swedish musician and actor from Brännö. Together with musicians Per Umaerus, guitar, and Lasse Gustavsson, violin and accordion, you get to enjoy singing and music connected to the places you visit. In addition to Lasse Dahlquist’s house, you can also see Langegården, where Lasse’s grandfather lived. The walk ends with coffee at Brännö Värdshus, where you take part in the Lasse Dahlquist room and enjoy more music. Read more about the guided tour here.

6. The anniversary exhibition in 1923

The guided tour of the Anniversary Exhibition takes you on a walk through history back to 1923, where we walk through the area where the largest part of the Anniversary Exhibition held in 1923. We look at what remains and also show pictures of what you can no longer see. Read more about the guided tour here.

7. 20th century styles and town plans

This walk takes us through some very different building styles and city plans from the entire first half of the 20th century. We start in Gothenburg’s cultural center, Götaplatsen with its monumental buildings, and go up past the elegant villa town of Lorensberg, the classicism of lower Johanneberg, upper Johanneberg’s functionalism, via the Chalmers area over to the nationally romantic oasis of Landala Egnahem to end at a period square from around 1950. Read more about the guided tour here.